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I come across a lot of questions where freshers to software testing want a hands-on project to work with. uTestMost of them are in a kind
of catch-22 situation. Without experience no one gives them a software testing job (project) and without job they can’t get experience.

Enter uTest. It is a marketplace that provides companies with on-demand testing services, sourcing software testers from around the world. These testers do not physically work from utest offices rather they work from their home — online. So, even if you are from a remote village you can join. You just need a decent internet connection, a computer and analytical brain to find bugs in software. uTest allow people with no prior software testing experience also.

Working with them will provide a dual advantage. Not only you will  get a hang of real time test cases, bug reporting, testing experience but also you would get paid for it — if you find a valid bug. What more do you want? It’s kind of a classroom where you are being paid to get trained.

Start out by filling this joining form. It’s a 5 step registration process where they ask you information ranging from personal data, your experience in testing using different platforms, experience in number of years etc. Once registered successfully, you will receive a uTest branded debit card through which you would be paid according to performance.

All the best!

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  1. Software Testing

    Intresting but how Utest are synchronous with real time project . Means whether user get that much confidence with this . Please provide more details

  2. ramesh

    Is this a trust worthy,Please give me more information about this.

  3. It would be good to bear in mind that a simple registration with a crowd-sourcing organization may not be sufficient to get a real-life project. This is because the clients usually reserve the right to select the suitable testers based on their profiles.

  4. keerthana

    Hi Ankur,
    Please provide some more details, how is it? is it a trustworthy?

  5. mayno224

    interesting article. been looking for something like this to make a little extra on the side. anyone tried this yet and actually got paid? kindly share your experience.

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