Object that stores data key, item pairs. Each item is associated withQTP-dictionary-object a unique key. The key is used to retrieve an individual item and is usually a integer or a string, but can be anything except an array.

Methods of Dictionary Object –

  1. Add Method – Adds a key and item pair to a Dictionary object.
  2. Exists Method – Returns true if a specified key exists in the Dictionary object, false if it does not.
  3. Items Method – Returns an array containing all the items in a Dictionary object.
  4. Keys Method – Returns an array containing all existing keys in a Dictionary object.
  5. Remove Method – Removes a key, item pair from a Dictionary object.
  6. RemoveAll Method – The RemoveAll method removes all key, item pairs from a Dictionary object.

Properties of Dictionary object –

  1. Count Property – Returns the number of items in a collection or Dictionary object.
  2. Item Property – Sets or returns an item for a specified key in a Dictionary object. For collections, returns an item based on the specified key.
  3. Key Property – Sets a key in a Dictionary object.

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