Object Repository is a collection of object and properties with which QTP will be able to recognize the objects and act on it.QTP-Object-Repository

Methods of Object Repository –

  1. Add – Adds an object repository file to the specified position in the collection.
  2. Find – Finds the position of the specified object repository file.
  3. MoveToPos – Moves the object repository file entry from the current position to the specified new position.
  4. Remove – Removes the object repository that is located in the specified position.
  5. RemoveAll – Removes all object repository files from the collection.
  6. SetAsDefault – Sets the object repository files associated with the current action as the default files for all new actions.

Properties of Object Repository –

  1. Count – The number of object repository files in the collection.
  2. Item – Returns the path of the object repository located in the specified position.

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