QTP Certification Update: Migrated from Prometric to Pearson VUE

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A major change. HP has migrated ALL its certification exams from Prometric to Pearson VUE effective Feb 1st, 2012. Pearson VUE is the same organization that conducts GMAT and many other high profile exams all over the world. With this migration, HP aims to streamline HP processes and enhance the security and scalability of HP exams.


Here are some important points we gathered from HP’s page on Pearson VUE regarding this change –

  1. QTP certification exam title (HP0-M47) and QTP certification exam syllabus would remain the same at Pearson VUE as it was at Prometric.
  2. QTP certification exam fee remains the same at Pearson VUE as it was at Prometric.
  3. For enhanced security, exam takers who opt for the proctored exam will now be photographed and will be asked to provide a digital signature. These photographs will be printed on the certification so as assure employers that the candidate in possession of the certificate is the same who took the exam.
    However, this is not applicable to QTP certification takers who opt for web-based exams.
  4. All HP ExpertONE exams that were previously available at Prometric will now be available through Pearson VUE. Hence this would cover QC certification and LoadRunner certifications too.
  5. If a candidate has already taken some other company’s exam with Pearson VUE and has a testing profile with them, (s)he still needs to create a new profile at Pearson VUE using HP’s Learner ID. You can apply for HP learner ID here. Once you have the Learner ID, you can then proceed to create your user profile at Pearson VUE.
  6. Exams can be purchased using credit cards/PayPal or Wire transfer. The country specific price list can be found here.
  7. This migration will not affect the existing certifications you may have acquired from Prometric. All historical data regarding your earlier certifications can be found at HP Learning center.
  8. Prometric vouchers purchased before Jan 31st, 2012 would remain valid and you can use the same to register through Pearson VUE.

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  1. satish

    Today 01 June 2014 I have completed qtp Certification. Could you please guide me how can I get certificate from HP

    • #Satish: Did you check with PearsonVUE folks?

    • Prasen

      Hi Satish,

      Congratulation !!!!

      I am also want to go for QTP11.00 certification . Could you please provide me qtp 11.00 certification dump?


  2. Akash

    I have a couple of questions :-
    1. How many attempts do we get to clear the exam ?
    . what is pass percentage to clear the exam ?

    • Ankur Jain

      @ There are no limit to attempt the exam. However you would need to pay for HP/Pearson VUE registration fee every-time you want to appear.

  3. amolz

    Hi ankur,
    Is any validity of any certification Exam like 1year.. 3year etc.

    HP EXpertOne has any validity..or not

    • Ankur Jain

      @amolz: I think the exams are valid forever for a particular version.

  4. vikram jakhar

    can anyone guide me how to get hp learner id ?
    I’m planing to take up QTP 11 certification . please help me

  5. sirajudeen

    Siraj here, Hi i am planning to write QTP 11.0 certfication on september. Is there any dumps or good study meterial available for this certification.

  6. Prachi

    Hi All,

    I tried to register for the learner ID in the HP website but unable to do that as its asks for the HP learner ID. If i click on to create the HP learner ID i am unable to get the l;earner ID. can anyone help me in regarding the creation for the learner ID.


  7. Balaji Banoth

    I have cleared QC and QTP last 3 months back, but still i haven’t receive my Certificate, can any onle help me how can i get my certificate?????

    • archit

      Hi Balaji,
      Would you plz help me to clear my QTP Exam?
      Could you plz send me QTP dump or let me know how did you prepare your self.

      I will be very thankful to you


      • mohit


        Can anyone please send me the latest dumps for QTP ? Please Please..

    • Cinzun

      Hi Balaji,
      Would you plz help me to clear my QTP Exam?
      Could you plz send me QTP dump or let me know how did you prepare your self.

      I will be very thankful to you


  8. Sekar

    I am unable to submit for learner ID. In HP site for getting learner ID, the below 2 options are given. Please suggest on how to proceed to get the learner ID.

    I was registered for this portal before and now I work for a different HP Partner. I want to move my portal account to my new employer.

    I want to register for this portal and I work for Hewlett Packard.

  9. Manish Gupta

    I am planning to give QTP Advanced HP certification, so therefore I need ur help before going for this certification:
    Note: I have already cleared HP0-M47 and now planning for QTP Advanced one.

    1) What will be the HP code for QTP Advanced certification?
    2) Is the HP code for QTP Advanced has been changed to new code. If so, can you provide me both (previous and Current) HP QTP Advanced certification code?
    3) Can I get dumps for this certification course. This would really help me to cleared this certification?

  10. Madan

    What is the validity of this certificate?

  11. Jil

    Can we do basic certification and advanced certification in the new certification format

  12. Sophia

    Ive got a query about QTP exam HP0-M98, As hp has changed the certification name to “Functional testing”, and the QTP exam listed under this certification is M-98, can you tell me its cost? I checked on the HP Learning Center website for US, which was $1500, and m not sure if i saw the right one as the previous cost (that is for M47) is around 100$ (info available at every forum including this one). If someone can confirm this…!

    • Saravana

      Hi Sophia,

      I’m also trying to take up HP0-M98 exam. I find that it costs around $1500 somewhere. I feel this is very much costly.

      Could you please confirm if you know the cost of this advanced level of exam?

  13. Murari

    Can any one Plz tell what is the cost for QTP Certification in India?
    and How to Apply for that ..

    thanks a lot

  14. gaurav

    I want to give QTP exam this month so any one can tell me from where i can study for QTP and how long i have to study before giving the exam.

  15. Srikanth

    @ Saurabh – I think so. As far as I remember (it’s been few months I took the exam) you cannot get back to a section once it’s completed and submitted. You should be able to review the answers within the section you are in and make changes to it before going to the next section.

    @ Shweta – yes, you can just pay the registration fees and write the exam.

  16. Shweta

    hII, the information was really helpful.
    can i do this certifiacation without any institute?
    is there a registrtion form available on the website?
    Please reply.

  17. saurabh


    I already wrote the exam. I was quite confident that I will clear it, alas I failed. The pattern of sections was a bit disturbing.

    The query I had is whether you have to press on “Save answer” on each question before submitting any section.

    I guess I did not save answers for few of the questions. Not sure can anyone explain it to me?

    Please I need this urgently.

  18. Siva

    Hi i am planning to write QTP 11.0 certfication on september. Is there any dumps or good study meterial available for this certification.

  19. sudha

    Hi, am unable buy this product neither through credit card nor through debit card, even though i am having paypal account. Can you please help me with this?

  20. sathish

    I have completed my QTP and QC certifications from one of the prometric centers in Hyderabad and i have cleared both papers almost 1yr back from then am trying to get my certificates from HP Please can any one help guide me i have the reports which are issued by Prometric center.


  21. Amit

    Its $100 in India

  22. pinky

    hiii, Is HP load runner and Performance testing also migrated to pearson?? Can you plss update me on this….

  23. Shanthi

    Hi ,
    I wuld like to know if there is only QC Certification Test availabe to take it.

  24. Bhawana


    I’m planning to take up QTP certification.
    Can you let me know what is the fee for this exam in London(UK)


  25. chandra sekar

    i need details about the exam fees and in chennai where the teaching institute is there for hp qtp certification……..what the cost of course…….

  26. AjayKrishna

    Please read HP QTP 11 Userguide and QTP 11 tutorial and dumps from HP0-M47. This will help you out to clear your QTP 11 Certification. Download HP QTP11 user guide and tutorial from hp.com.

  27. Srikanth

    @ Smriti – It costs $175 in US. I am not sure how much it costs in India or other countries.

  28. smriti

    can you please tell me what is the cost of taking this exam HP0-M47 ?

  29. venkatesh

    can u brief me advantages of clearing qtp11 certification

  30. Suresh

    Thanks Srikanth and Ankur for the useful information.

  31. Ranjeev

    hii all,
    i just join my job and got Testing as a stream in my organization.
    i want to do certification.
    please provide me information like, what to do? how to proceed? what is fee ?

  32. Srikanth

    Thanks Ankur. Hope my answers are useful.

    • Ankur

      @Srikanth: Very much :)

      • Ramesh Mopidevi

        Hi Friends,
        I have taken this exam in the last month 29th…But failed with 72%…exactly the pattern is same with Srikanth’s words…But the naumber of questions is 69..not 72…

        Thnks and Regards
        Ramesh Mopidevi

  33. Ankur

    Here are some answers from Srikanth –

    1. How different was the pearson exam (february) from prometrics (january)?
    Answer: Please check his first comment.

    2. Can we view our test results immediately after submitting the answers?
    Answer: Yes, immediately after submitting the last section (There were 11 sections when he gave the test)

    3. Are the total number of questions still same?
    Answer: Yes, 72 questions. Only difference is that questions were split into multiple sections, each section containing anywhere from 3 to 15 questions. Makes it difficult for exam takers to tell how many questions have already been answered, and how many are still left.

    4. Are some of the previous questions repeated or all are new in Pearson VUE’s pattern?
    Answer: NDA doesn’t allow him to reveal that info.

    In general he recommends QTP certification aspirants to install QTP and look at all the menus, screens etc
    Also to read the following: –
    1. What’s New in QTP 11. It’s on the homepage of Quick Test Pro software, but you should really dig into each of those topics and read thoroughly. Expect at least 5-10 questions from those topics.
    2. HP ALM Integration with QTP 11. Expect at least 5 questions from this topic
    3. All the Panes on the HP Run Results Viewer.

  34. Saurav

    Hi Srikanth,

    Thanks for the info.

    A few questions about the new pattern and Pearson Vue’s process:

    – Are the total number of questions still same?
    – Are some of the previous questions repeated or all are new in pearson vue’s pattern?
    – Are the available QTP 11 question papers on net at all useful?

    Plz help. Am going to take the exam soon

  35. Chitra

    Hi so can we view our test results immediately after submitting the answers?

  36. krunal

    hey Srikanth, how different was the pearson exam (february) from prometrics (january)? Thanks.

  37. Srikanth

    Thanks Ankur. I read some of your blogs, they are very helpful. Keep up the good work.

  38. Srikanth

    Hello All –
    I gave the QTP Certification exam recently (1st attempt in Jan 2012, second successful attempt in Feb 2012) before and after HP migrated to Pearson Vue. Thought it would be useful for the people if I provide some information about it.

    Although the HP website says that nothing has changed, Pearson Vue’s pattern is quite different from Prometric’s. Prometric’s test pattern for HP0-M47 had 72 questions all in one section. Once the test was complete, I was able to review all the questions and complete the unanswered questions before doing a final submission.

    Pearson’s Vue test had around 11 sections, each contained 3 to 15 questions. I had a chance to review answers at the end of a section but once a section is submitted, I couldn’t get back to that section. It showed up the pass/fail result once the final section is submitted. Disadvantages of this pattern are 1) I cannot skip questions that take more time to the end of the test. 2) I didn’t know how many questions I already answered and how many were left in the remaining sections (unless I was missing a menu that shows this information).

    Also, I had few minutes to relax and understand the menus and the pattern when I took the prometric test. Pearson Vue test did not provide this information.

    • Ankur

      @Srikanth: Thanks for the information. It should be helpful for all certification aspirants.

    • satya

      hello Srikanth,suppose in 1st attempt sum one failed in qtp exam..n for second attempt he has to give full amount again or is there any other criteria?

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