Since the release of Google Chrome, our beloved Firefox browser has shed its slow release cycles it had prior to Firefox 4 and it is now coming up with a new version almost every six weeks. HP has been doing a great job in keeping up with these versions. Here is a full support matrix of QTP 11 with various patches if you wish to record and replay on Firefox 3 or above.

Here is a list of all those patches with a link to download from HP’s support site.

Firefox Versions QTP 11 Patches  Download Link
Version 3.6 QTPWEB_00063
Version 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 QTPWEB_00090
Version 9, 10, 11 QTPWEB_00092
Version 12 QTPWEB_00100
Version 13, 14 QTPWEB_00105
Version 15 QTPWEB_00112

Here are some points to note –

  • For Firefox 9 and above, QTPWEB_00090 should always be installed prior to installing the respective patches.
  • QTP 11 trial dump comes with a Product Availability Matrix (PAM). It can be used to check QTP 11’s built in support for various applications, browsers, operating systems.
  • Once you install any of the patches above, ensure that Firefox add-in for QTP 11 is installed and enabled under Tools > Addons.
  • With the respective patches above, QTP 11 provides record and replay support for the corresponding Firefox versions.
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