Technical Interview Questions on QTP

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I am providing the exhaustive list of questions on QTP which are asked or can be asked in QTP Technical interview. Prepare them well and I certainly hope you will come out with flying colors. All the Best!

  1. What is Test Frame Work?
  2. How comfortable are you in VB Scripting?
  3. What is Description Object?
  4. What are SetToProperty, SetRoProperty, GetToProperty scripting?
  5. What is the difference between version 6.5 and 8.2?
  6. What is the difference between Normal mode and Fast mode?
  7. How do you invoke the application through QTP?
  8. How do you close the Task Manager through QTP?
  9. How will you load the object during run time?
  10. How will you handle the situation when object is not captured during record?
  11. What is test object?
  12. How QTP recognizes the objects stored in object repository
  13. What is post recovery scenario?
  14. What is reusable action and how the same can be implemented (process)
  15. How will u integrate oracle with QTP
  16. How QTP integrate with application
  17. What is object repository?
  18. What are all the fields present in object repository?
  19. What is smart identification?
  20. What are the mandatory properties for a text box (scenario?)
  21. What is Checkpoint?
  22. What is object?
  23. What are the properties of object?
  24. What is Action?
  25. What will be there in Keyword view and Expert View?
  26. What is regular expression how will u implement it
  27. Where the checkpoints are stored
  28. What is database checkpoint, how will u parameterize the database from separate data table
  29. How will u handle application crash using recovery scenario manager (Step By Step Process)
  30. What is Virtual Object?
  31. What is the difference between calling a function and reusing an action?
  32. How QTP support all types of applications (Platforms)
  33. What is the difference between application testing and product testing?
  34. What is throw object?
  35. What is Run-time Data?
  36. How will you enhance the script?
  37. Can objects recogonised without repository?
  38. Where did u automate in ur project
  39. Any challenge that faced in ur project
  40. Batch test,run action
  41. Purpose of automation
  42. Diff ways of parameterising
  43. Error handled other than recovery scenario manager
  44. Diff betw WR and QTP
  45. What kind of errors can b handled?
  46. How you used DDT in QTP?
  47. Difference between keyword driven test and DDT?
  48. How did you use regular expression in QTP and also in Win Runner?
  49. How do you learn the object in QTP?
  50. How will you handle custom object in QTP?
  51. Differences in QTP and Win Runner.
  52. Give us the Definition for Integration Testing, Regression Testing System Testing
  53. How will you report the bug and explain the defect tracking Sheet you handled?
  54. What In-string function will do?
  55. What is L-trim function will do?
  56. WinRunner and QTP difference?
  57. In website, protocol has been changed http: to https what you will do? Tell me your Approach?
  58. What Framework you are following?
  59. How to load the object repository at run time?
  60. How much strong on VB and C?
  61. How to compare the 2 strings?
  62. What is the Silent mode in WinRunner?
  63. Have you worked with Quality Center?
  64. Have you used Test Director?
  65. What is QTP Test Frame work?
  66. Definitions for Keyword view and Tree View?
  67. What is Smart Identification?
  68. What is Object Repository?
  69. What is your experience level in QTP?
  70. What is your Role and Responsibilities In QTP with your current organisation?
  71. Explain the following:
  • Import and Export of files.
  • Random testing of 500 test cases.
  • Invoking of application
  • Opening notepad in QTP &Writing of Test Result in Notepad.
  • Merging of Two Repositories
  • Datafile / Verification of data file when file is not available in local system.
  • Business process component / Types and usage.
  • Opening of notepad in QTP to write and execute the coding.
  • How to find local host name using QTP
  • How to handle exception when data table is not available in local host system or Path is not correct (Explain Statement with example)
  • Runtime dynamic settings.
  • Script generated after applying database check point.
  • Script generated at the time of setting runtime property.
  • Types of exception handling and script for that.
  • Scripting

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Note: Please use the QTP forum for posting questions now!

Please use QTP forum for posting QTP questions.

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  1. Sandhya

    hi i hv a dbt…can u anyone plsss answer it…i have faced this question in interview..

    In google i’m going to search something like “rose”, i usually get 10 results in the first page and in 2nd page 10 results and in 3rd 10 results so on upto 10th page 10 results. so if i want to open all the 10 pages 10 results i.e., 100 results and close..what is the DP for this?

  2. sikinder basha

    wonderful site to find anything about QTP.Thanks for ur effort Mr Ankur.

  3. ravi

    take unique properties and try out

  4. nitin sharma

    I am trying to create description for sign in in gmail.But every time it gives an error” Cannot find the “[ WebEdit ]” object’s parent “[ Browser ]” (class Browser).

    I created this:
    Set obrowser=Description.Create
    Set opage=description.Create
    Set ouser=description.Create
    Set opwd=description.Create
    Set osignin=description.Create
    osignin(“name”).value=”Sign in”

    • devakrishnan

      u have to spy another property values and implement it.then it will be work

  5. @Vidya and others:
    As I have written at many places across this blog, Please use QTP Forums for asking QTP related questions.

  6. Vidya

    Hi Ankur,

    I guess i m posting this query for the second time. Kindly help me if u can. I have a web page having a link named ‘Accounting’ and a label named ‘Accounting’. In script we recognize the object by its text and i want label ‘Accounting’ to be recognized. But since the Link appears before the label, it recognizes the link. I can still temporarily skip the first search and get what i want. I also know that the class of the object can be used to identify whatever i want. But i dont know how can i use this class to identify it. U can even mail me the ans to

    Thanking u in advance,
    Vidya Bharambe

  7. Anonymous

    Please help me.
    I written simple script to count and display the properties of objects in But my script unable to recognize the browser (Mozilla fire fox).
    Set cnt= Description.Create
    Set vals = window(“nativeclass:=MozillaWindowClass”).ChildObjects(cnt)
    i= vals.count

    msgbox “There are:” &i
    For j=0 to i-1
    print vals(j).GetROProperty(“micclass”)


  8. Anonymous

    We have a application and validating data in text field . If test field has incorrect value then we have fired some message also have a button like complete when click on this button also some message is fired.

    I have to capture this message wording and validating it is correct wording or not. All the message are fired using java script.Using QTP how can we do all the things

  9. tirumalesh

    There r 100 test cases in excel sheet. i want 55 test case automate.
    hpw to automate

  10. Anonymous

    Hello Ankur,

    I would like to verify the answer for the below question:
    9.How will you load the object during run time?
    Can this be done by associating the object repository with an action using the RepositoriesCollection.Add(Path)

    Thanks In Advance!

  11. Anonymous


    I did a lot search to find out how to run AJAX implemented website in QTP9.5 but no satisfactory result got till now.

    Can u please give me some article, or any website

  12. bali

    thank u boss

  13. Motzar

    ‘Global DataTable on the column Agent_Name row 1 has ” David”
    ‘ how can I add data into Row 2 , write it and save it in dtGlobalSheet

    Datatable.Value(“Agent_Name”,dtGlobalSheet) = “Merzad”
    Datatable(“Agent_Name”,dtGlobalSheet) = “Jack”

    ‘But This is only write the Data into the output result Run-time DataTable , How can i write to Globla DataTable and save it. You answer appreciated.

  14. Jovy

    let me know your queries i will try to get it answered

  15. Shahin

    Hi Ankur,
    Can u please send me answers for these questions?
    I need them badly.
    you can even help me to find answers for the same.
    Thanks in advance

  16. Mallikarjun

    Hello Anku Jain,
    this is mallik working as a software engineer on testing.I am new to QTP,we have taken QTP 9.2.In our company Image processing projects are going trying to record and palyback. but this tool is not supperting to the tool support to images or not. if it support how can i do testing by using QTP. plz clarify me.

    bye bye

  17. Anonymous

    hi buddy
    i need ur help? i have installed a full version of qtp8.2.. but when i run my qtp qtp window pops up an disappear ? can amyone of u help me out

  18. Anonymous

    What is the Frame work using for QTP 9.2 , and let me know briefly about it..

  19. Ragha

    Hi Vijay,

    In order to see any checkpoints enabled, you have to be in the recording mode or you can add it using active screen if not in recording mode.


  20. vijay

    Hi all,
    I am Vijay. Now i am going through QTP tutorial. I am not able to get “Text object properties” check point, After that i found Text check point is disable mode in tool bar.
    Can you help me?


  21. Tester who does nt test

    I appreciate your effort. Thanks a bunch. Lets start discussing as many questions we can.
    How will you handle the situation when object is not captured during record?
    Ans- You can manually add the object from object repository option – Add object

    I will keep posting more… plz correct me if sth is wrong. thanks
    Please correct me if i am wrong.

    Qn – What is a checkpoint?
    Ans- Checkpoint is facility provided by QTP to check specific properties of objects, for eg- text, bitmap, table etc.

    Qn- Diff beteen WR n QTP
    Ans- WInrunner is meant for windows applications only
    QTP- supports all OS

    Qn- How u report bug and handle it
    Ans- You can report bug you found thorugh Quality Center by logging the deffect.

    Qn- Integration testing: Testing which will be carreid out after completing individual unit test. Basically testing to check the interfaces between various components.
    Regresion tesing: Retesting the same to make sure everything is orking fine after certain bug fixes.

  22. Ram

    I like this QTP blog site. How can I post the questions? I’m new to QTP. I just started a .net project. I’m able to open the application automatically and recored some steps. But when I’m running the test, application is opening and rest of the steps are not running at all. is any body can help me?

  23. @ Subrat (1): There is no official word on this, but try limiting it to a minimum

    @ Subrat(2): This is the best place to use synchronization point.

  24. Subrat

    Hi Ankur,
    If we don’t know how long an object takes to load, what are the ways in which we can script to wait for that object to load using looping structure and Exist function?

    Thanks in advance

  25. Subrat

    Hi Ankur,
    In QTP 9.1, in Object Repository Manager we can simultaneously open multiple object repository.Is there any upper limit for that(max object repository that can be opened simultaneously)if ye then how much?

    Its urgent

    Thanks in advance

  26. vara

    In descriptive programming
    ( preparing code) is it possible to test java web application by using web add-ins?

  27. Anonymous

    Hi Ankur,

    I have following query for recording scripts for MS Excel application.

    The application is a reporting tool. When user clicks on generate report, MS Excel application opens up in which the text data is displayed in cells. I need to fetch the data from the cells in the newly opened Excel instance. Please help.

    Ashwani Gupta

  28. Anonymous

    Good afternoon…your site is very helpful, however I do have a question. Of course I’m a newbie.

    I’m recording a .Net web app where all I need to do is input data in each field…Name, Address, Ph#, etc… I have a field which accepts alphanumeric char’s, and does not allow more than 2000 char to be entered.

    I have most of my other data fields using the “Data Table”, however how do I automatically populate this one field described above with 2000 char, WITHOUT using a data table?

    Thks in advance!

  29. @ Durga: My name is Ankur ….regarding your question, yes you are right.

  30. Durga Reddy.

    Hi Anukar,

    Question No:4 in the list.

    I hope that there is no SetROProperty in QTP. Am I right??.
    We can only get runtime object properties values. But we cann’t set runtime object property values..


  31. @ Shazia: Nice answers to start with.Try to answer as many questions as possible which will help in clearing many of your QTP related doubts. Well there is nothing called SetTO property the question is meant to confuse the candidate or to gauge his/her confidence!

    Regarding invoking application, you can refer my post Ways to Launch Application

  32. shazia

    How do you invoke the application through QTP?
    U can use SystemUtil.Run”specify the location of the url of the application”
    Ankur i hope this is the answer for the above question, correct me if i am wrong

  33. shazia

    What will be there in Keyword view and Expert View?
    Keyword View: Displays the Actions in the scripts
    Expert View: Displays the VB scrips.
    Object Repository: Location where QTP stores the properties of the objects of the application, so that QTP can recognise the objects.
    For example, the properties can be like if the object is a Webelement or a image, which class the object belongs to.
    SetRoProperty is used to Set the Runtime property for an object
    Test Frame Work: Frame work can be either, data driven, function driven, controller dirven or it can be a combination of all the three
    Data driven is where we use Data table to get the values for variables
    Function driven is where we use a Functions library which has all the functions to be used while running the scripts.
    Controller driven is where we use Control scripts to run the scripts.

  34. mamillapalli


    can u please tell me the answers.
    its urgent. I am planning to attend the interviews


  35. padmasekahrpediredla

    Hellow ankur,

    I am really appreciate your hard work and interist in QTP. Let me tell you telll you one thing that how to start my carrier in QTP. I think that you are person to guide me



  36. @ Anon: Let me know the error you are getting.

    @ Leena: While going for the tool selection you need to prepare a tentative list of the tools. Then one by one for each tool you can
    conduct a test run for a particular test case which comprise of some complex functionality of your app involved.
    From here its difficult to tell which tool will work for your kind of application. Let me know if you need any specific input regarding QTP.

  37. Sapna

    Hi friend,
    I am assigned the task of choosing the best automation tool for our application. Ours is a web application created in Java, Je22, apache,tomcat, ajax environment. The content of the web site changes frequently.
    I need to decide on the best tool suitable for our application.
    Thanks for any help,

  38. Anonymous

    Hi friend,
    I am assigned the task of choosing the best automation tool for our application. Ours is a web application created in Java, Je22, apache,tomcat, ajax environment. The content of the web site changes frequently.
    I need to decide on the best tool suitable for our application.
    Thanks for any help,

  39. Anonymous

    Hi Team,

    I have problem while executing stored procedures through QTP Database wizard sql statement.

    My Stored procedure contains string values as parameters but while running it is not been acceptable.

    exec SearchPoints ‘XFOH’, null, ‘4/26/2005′, ’05/01/2005′.

    From the above all are string params.

    The above is working fine in DB Visualizer but not in QTP Database wizard.

    Please suggest me the solution.

  40. Supriya

    Hi Ankur,

    Great work ! Hats off to you for the kind of effort that you have put in.
    I have searched extensilvely for a dedicated blog on QTP and I must say this , by far is the only and the best blog on QTP.

    I will be a regular on this blog.
    All the best.

  41. j.jayram

    Good Morning
    This is Jayarama
    Working with Maveric Systems as a Test Engineer.
    Thanks A lot. These Questions are very Useful.
    But I need the answers.
    If you have a time then please help me out to find the answer.
    Thanks again.

  42. @ Anon:
    Yes, you can do that. Though QTP doesnt provide any direct functionality but you can do scripting to accomplish this (and use your MS outlook application to send emails.)

  43. Anonymous

    Hi, Is there any way to send email alerts through QTP when scripts fail?

  44. Ashis

    These are really kewl questions but being a technical recruiter,i prefer the practical scenarios like how do you validate that five windows of yahoo browser have been opened or how to verify the broekn links in a page

  45. Vani

    Thanks Ankur.
    For the query how will u load the object during run time?
    I’m in confuse that whether 2 add the object 2 object repository or else 2 the script during run time.could u please solve this.


  46. @Vani: I would suggest you to go through the post .It will clear most of your doubts regarding object identification.

  47. Vani

    Hi Ankur,
    Your affort is really admirable. I’m gonna attend an interview in a couple of dys.your faqs r really very useful 4 me.I want 2 discuss the some answers of the faqs as per ur suggestion.
    Is the answer i’ve given below correct or not 4 the Q:How QTP recognizes the objects stored in object repository?

    Initially we do add the objects to the object repository by selecting OR from tools option in the QTP tool bar.QTP identifies those objects in the OR based on the properties of the object as the OR stores the physical properties along with the logical names of the objects.
    Plz do necessary corrections.

    Thanks & Regards

  48. Hi Srikanthrudra,Sujatha,Anon
    I suggest you start answering the questions one by one in the comments thread below…we can then discuss answers. I don’t find it as value addition to provide bookish answers…most interview process looks at your practical and hands-on knowledge so its good if you can provide them with real world examples rather then the rote definitions…I hope I have put my point across.


  49. Anonymous


    Thanks for your efforts and work.but the thing is if there is no answers,what is the use.every one will know max qustions in the interview will be appriciated if you provide the ans for these qns.


  50. Anonymous


    This is sujatha, working as engineer in Testing.
    Thank u very much for written logical questions in QTP.but I need answers also. If u have time pz help me to prepare that.

    Thank u once again

  51. srikanthrudra

    hey could u pls give answers for this

  52. mohammad

    Thanz a lot ! this is a very valuable
    information you have provided…i Request all my friends(Shekhar,Shiva,Arif & Mazhar) to find answers for these FAQ’s Azhar ( Kazipet , AP ,india)…

  53. Manish

    This is really good information, can we have answers too, for some specific questions ?

  54. keshav

    Good Work Brother. Info provided by u is very useful.

    Keep up the good work.



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