Mock Questions and Answers to Help You Ace the HP-UFT 12.x Certification Exam (HPE0-M105)

Why UFT Certification?

HP-UFT certification is one of the most sought after certifications by software organizations and software testers around the world. If you are looking for a job or if you want to move step ahead in your IT career, you should pursue UFT certification to have excellent job opportunities and to get recognized in your organization. Some companies allot extra points to employees with UFT certification during appraisals.

Can I get some more details on UFT Certification?

UFT 12 Certification exam is conducted by HPE in collaboration with Pearson VUE. Since August 1, 2016, the exam HP0-M102 is no longer active and it has been replaced by the latest exam HPE0-M105: HP Unified Functional Testing 12.x Software also know as HPE ATP – Unified Functional Testing v12

Check the FAQs section at the bottom of this page, we have answered some of the most frequently asked queries there.

I want to ace UFT Certification. Is there any help available?

LearnQTP started in Nov 2006. It is the oldest and one of the most popular sites on UFT (formerly QTP). We have helped several hundred aspirants with our various online training programs. On popular demand by our blog readers we have come up with UFT Cert – our online Unified Functional testing certification engine with a unique set of 530+ Questions and Answers.

UFT Cert

UFT Cert will not only help you ace Unified Functional testing certification but will also help you get a firm grasp over UFT concepts. The Quiz software is designed to provide you with maximum learning in the least amount of time.

UFT Cert cover the length and breadth of Unified Functional testing 12.x. You will find unique questions on the usage of the tool, API testing, LeanFT, UFT Mobile, usage of various parameterization methods (Test/Action/Random/DataTable Parameters), Descriptive Programming, VBscripting, Handling data tables, Handling unexpected errors, integrating tools with each other and more.

How mock certification engine works

Once you register using the Add To Cart button below, you will receive an instant mail with the username/password credentials for our secured website. These user credentials will be unique to you and no other person will share the same credentials.
After logging-in to the website, you can start attempting questions at your own pace. After each question that requires explanation, a message window with full explanation of a particular concept will be shown. At the end of the questionnaire your aggregate score will be calculated and displayed. You can then choose to retake the quiz using our software’s convenient interface. You will get access for 12 months. You can take the mock quiz as many times as you wish within these 12 months till you get thorough with various concepts.

Other than the above, quiz interface provides you :

  • The ability to jump to any question while attempting the quiz to see the option you have marked
  • The ability to retake the quiz as many times as required
  • A drop down with all the questions having points allotted for a particular question and points awarded to you
  • A mix of single answer, multiple answer, True/False questions, matching, sequencing & point and click type questions
  • A detailed analysis/tip for questions that need further explanation
  • The total time elapsed while attempting the quiz
  • Ability to attempt questions on desktops, laptops, smart-phones and tablets like iPad.

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I would like to get access to UFT Cert mock certification engine, what is the cost?

GuaranteeWe have put a lot of thought and hard-work behind UFT Cert. It is regularly updated keeping in mind the syllabus of the latest UFT certification exam. UFT Cert is priced at $149 USD [People in India can pay in Indian Rupees(INR) through this secured gateway.]

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  • UFT Cert – 530+ Mock Certification Questions on Unified Functional testing
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UFT Certification FAQs

What is UFT Certification?

UFT Certification is a certification program from HP conducted by PearsonVUE. There are two types of UFT certification exams, HPE ATP – Unified Functional Testing v12 exam code HPE0-M105 and HP ASE- Unified Functional Testing v12 exam code HP0-M216P certification. Most of the people go for HPE0-M105 exam. (Note: The earlier exam HP0-M102 will be inactive after Aug 1st, 2016)

What are benefits of UFT certification?

HP-UFT (earlier known as QTP) certification is one of the most sought after certifications by software organizations and software testers around the world. If you are looking for a job or if you want to step ahead in your IT career, you should pursue UFT certifications to have excellent job opportunities and to get recognized in your organization. Some companies allot extra points to employees with UFT certification during appraisals.

Is UFT certification useful for fresher?

If you acquire good knowledge on software testing and UFT, coupled with a UFT certification at an early stage it will surely be beneficial for your career. You may get preference over others who are not certified.

Are there any pre-requisites before we take UFT certification exam?

Technically, there are no “minimum requirements” to take the exam, however we advise you to get some hands-on experience with UFT before you opt for the exam.

On what version of UFT, can we take the exam? Is the exam for QTP 11 available yet?

As of December 2017, UFT certification exam (HPE0-M105) is only available for UFT 12.x version. QTP 11 certification exam (HP0-M47) is now discontinued.

What is the cost of UFT certification Exam?

The cost of UFT certification exam is different for different regions. Please visit  PearsonVUE HP  Vouchers to confirm the cost for your region. [Click on the country > Exam Vouchers on the left and check the cost under HP0 section.] For instance: Cost for this exam for US region is $200 while for India it is $100. (Prices mentioned are in USD.)

Where can I take UFT certification exam?

Pearson VUE has a wide network of test centres across the world. You can locate your nearby test centre on  PearsonVUE test centre locator.

Can I take UFT certification exam online from my home?

No. This is a proctored exam. You need to go to your chosen  Pearson VUE test centre to take the exam at particular date and time.

How can I register for UFT Certification Exam?

To register for UFT certification exam with PearsonVUE, you need to have 1) HP Learner ID and then 2) you need to create an account with PearsonVUE

Here are the step by step instructions on how to create HP learner ID and PearsonVUE account.

  1. Go to HP ExpertOne Learner ID page
  2. Click on Get Started on the top and choose one of the options depending upon you’re a HP customer, HP partner or HP employee. If you’re an individual seeking UFT certification, you should choose HP customer. HP Learner ID
  3. Click on Create Your Account Ceate Account
  4. Choose an appropriate option under Citizenship Verification and hit Continue. Verification
  5. Fill in the necessary personal details on the next page.
  6. You should get your HP Leaner ID within next 24-72 hrs.
  7. Once you get the HP Learner ID, header over to PearsonVUE HP testing portal and click on Create Profile Create Profile
  8. On the next page, click on Continue Continue
  9. Enter necessary details. Make sure that First Name, Last Name and Company should match with what you have mentioned in your HP Learner ID account. If you’re unsure, check the acknowledgement email from HP which contains all the data entered by you. New profile
  10. As soon as you submit the form above, you will receive an email with a link and an authorization code. You would need to click on the link inside that email to activate your testing profile. Enter the authorization code and click on Submit button.
  11. On the next page, enter your login details and hit Submit. Remember your HP Learner ID becomes the username for this portal.
  12. Inside your candidate record page, click on Verify button. You profile will get updated.
  13. Click on Schedule and Purchase Exam on the left.Schedule and Purchase Exams
  14. Click on View Proctored Exams on the next page. View Proctored Exams
  15. Scroll down and click on HPE0-M105 HP Unified Functional Testing 12.x Software.HPE0-M105 Registration Process
  16. On the next page, you will find the details regarding cost and languages in which the exam is available. [This exam is currently available in English, Chinese Simplified, Japanese and Korean.] Click Schedule this exam.
  17. On the next page, you can select up to 3 test centers near your location. [They use Google Maps API to locate the nearest center to your given address] Click Next.
  18. On the next page, select the date and time when you wish to appear for the exam.Choose UFT Certification Exam Center
  19. Click on Proceed to Checkout on the bottom right. Proceed to checkout
  20. Confirm your personal info & Agree to Policies in the next couple steps.
  21. Enter your payment details. You can pay for this exam using American Express, JCB, Master or VISA credit/debit cards. Click Next.
  22. On the next page, Click on Submit Order.
  23. That’s it. You have now successfully registered for the UFT certification exam.

How can I obtain HP Learner ID for scheduling my exam?

Please check the step-by-step instructions above.

If I fail UFT certification exam, will PearsonVUE return my money back?


What is the exam code for UFT certification?

The exam is known as HP Unified Functional Testing 12.x Software and has a code HPE0-M105

What is the syllabus for UFT certification HPE0-M105 exam?

16%HPE UFT Overview
• Identify functional testing principles, and the benefits of automated testing • Describe the advantages of UFT as a testing tool • Identify system requirements and supported environments • Describe the UFT installation process and topology (License Server) • Identify and describe UFT default settings and configuration • Describe HPE functional testing solutions (UFT GUI, UFT API, LeanFT, UFT Mobile) • Illustrate and describe the workflows for HPE functional testing solutions (UFT GUI, UFT API, LeanFT, UFT Mobile) • Describe HPE Integrated (ALM, GUI+API, LeanFT, Mobile Center) testing solution • Describe Business Process Testing (BPT) in UFT • Discuss how to plan for test automation • Demonstrate familiarity with the UFT User Interface (Main Window, Panes, Testing Documents) • Illustrate Testing Documents management capabilities in UFT • Describe how to the manage the UFT program, including available licenses, updates and access levels
12%Create a basic GUI test
• Describe how to create a basic GUI test • Recognize and explain how UFT works with Objects • Describe how to manage Objects and Object Repositories • Describe how to add steps to a basic test • Discuss Synchronization in UFT
10%Verify and enhance a basic GUI test
• Illustrate verification points in UFT • Describe how to add standard and custom verification points in the basic test • Describe how to enhance a GUI test with parameters • Describe how to run a basic GUI test
3%Business Process Testing
• Describe the Business Process Testing framework and infrastructure • Describe how to create, maintain, and run Business Process Testing Tests and Flows in UFT • Identify and describe Business Process Testing methodologies
7%API Testing with UFT
• Define API testing • Recognize and discuss support for API testing in UFT • Describe how to create an API test in UFT • Discuss the API testing methodology
8%Run UFT tests and analyze results
• Describe how to run tests in UFT (SS: build/run tests with BPT components, GUI components and API components) • Illustrate how to work with test results
12%Integrate testing solutions with UFT
• Describe how to build modular UFT tests with Actions • Describe how to work with Actions in UFT • Describe how to integrate GUI and API tests in UFT • Describe how to use UFT together with ALM to manage the entire testing process • Describe how to connect to ALM from UFT
3%Configure UFT
• Describe and explain UFT Global Options • Describe and explain settings for GUI Tests, GUI Business Components, and Application Areas
10%Basic troubleshooting
• Identify object recognition issues and describe basic troubleshooting tools and procedures • Identify when to use Recovery Scenarios • Describe how to create and manage Recovery Scenarios • Describe methods and tools to identify and handle problems in UFT tests, components, function libraries, registered user functions, event handlers, or user code files • Identify and describe different UFT options to detect and isolate defects in a document. • Describe local system monitoring in UFT
10%Advanced Scripting
• Compare and contrast Editor and Keyword View • Describe how to use the editor for GUI tests and components • Describe how to program in GUI Testing Documents in the Editor (Programmatic Descriptions; opening and closing applications programmatically; comments, control-flow, and other VBScript statements; retrieving and setting identification Property values; native properties and operations; DOS commands and Windows API) • Describe how to use the editor for API testing
2%Work with Web applications
• Recognize Web add-in extensibility • Describe web event recording use and configuration • Discuss web testing capabilities
2%Service Virtualization
• Identify and describe capabilities of HPE Service Virtualization • Identify and describe benefits of Service Virtualization • Describe how to use a Virtualized Service for a UFT Test
5%UFT Automation Scripts
• Recognize the purpose of the UFT Automation Object Model and define it • Describe how to use the Application Object • Describe how to create a UFT Automation Script • Describe how to run Automation Scripts on a remote computer

What are the passing marks, duration of exam and number of questions in UFT Certification

Currently passing score is 73%, total duration of exam is 90 minutes and number of questions is 60. [These parameters may change from time to time, please verify before you schedule your exam.]

What type of questions will be asked in UFT certification exam?

It consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) having a mix of multiple choice (Single response and multiple response) and matching. You don’t have to test any script or perform any practical task on a machine.

How can I get my certificate after passing my exam?

Once you have completed your UFT certification exam, you will get a printout of result from Pearson center immediately. After around three to five days after you complete your exam, you receive an email notification. Then your status in The Learning Center becomes “acquired”. Track your training and certification progress through your transcripts in The Learning Center.

What are the major changes from QTP 11.0 to UFT 12.x certification exam?

There are many major changes from QTP 11 to UFT 12 Certification exam as UFT 12 has many new features which were not available in QTP 11. Please refer syllabus of UFT 12 certification exam to know more details.

Can I reschedule or cancel my certification exam at any time?

You are permitted to cancel or re-schedule your certification exam provided the request is made more than 24 hours in advance from your scheduled time.

Do I have to purchase a voucher from HP voucher store for taking Exam?

It is not necessary. You can also use your credit card to make payment as mentioned in the steps above.

If I fail UFT certification exam, then after how many days I can take the re-exam?

In case you fail your certification exam, you need wait for 15 days to re-take the exam.

If I take a re-exam, will PearsonVUE offer some discount?

You need to pay in full. There are no discounts available if you are going for a retake.

Is it mandatory to join a training program in UFT from HP before going for a certification exam.?

It is not mandatory to take training on UFT from HP or any other place. If you feel you have sufficient knowledge on UFT, you can directly go for UFT certification.

Where can I get preparatory material for UFT certification exam?

Check the high quality mock certification papers UFT Cert mentioned at the top of this page.

Is it necessary to have hands-on experience on UFT tool?

Technically No. However, we highly recommended that you should get some hands-on experience and good training, before you sit for the exam. In reality, a certificate won’t carry any value if you don’t have knowledge on the subject.

What is UFT Cert mock test?

UFT Cert mock test is a web based quiz software which contains exhaustive questions to help you prepare for UFT certification. Please check at the top for more information. The questionnaire is created by experts which will ensure that you not only get certified but also gain good knowledge on UFT through these questions . This mock test contains 530+ high quality questions which also helps you to understand UFT concepts. Enter your name and email address below to get FREE sample questions from ‘UFT Cert’ package. *Important: Please check your email and confirm your subscription to get instructions on how to access sample questions.

We hope you have got your answers. In case you have any other question, please feel free to chat with us using the chat widget at the bottom right of this page. In case we’re offline, you can contact us through this link.

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