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Branching in Keyword driven...
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Any of you have worked in Keywork driven framework?

Could you please tell me how you achieve branching?
Say.. i have Page A, B , C and D
Page C might come after B or might not. It depends on the 3rd party response when i submit Page B which we can not predict. If it comes, we need to enter few information and Submit C. (i have many conditions like this. it s just an example)

My current framework is completely different. Thinking of changing it to Keyword driven for easy maintenance.

Experts, plz let me know how you achieve this flow in keyword driven framework.
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Please refer the below link

Keyword Framework Demo

Hope it will help to give some basic understanding about keyword framework.

Not Solved
Hi Saini...thx for question is different...
I have attached the snapshot of the framework i am trying to implement now...

This xls snapshot will instruct QTP to find the objects and enter/select the data.
I have also come up with classes to read this and do the tasks which is working gr8...

here, I have assumed that all the steps in the spreadsheet has to be done one by one...

Ex. in the step 1, QTP clicks a link.
In step 2, QTP should get a textbox to enter firstname. if not, test case fails.

But..lets assume that firstname textbox may come or may not come.. if it comes, it becomes mandatory to enter the name...if it does not appear, it s fine as it s obvious that no need to enter..

how to achieve this in my framework?

guys..plz provide your valuable suggestion....

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