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Question Asked in CTS on QTP
Not Solved
Hi friends,
This is Asif, following question is asked on QTP at CTS,pls give the answer if any body knows it.
If am entering valid user name and valid pwd in the login screen of flight reservation,then Flight Reservation window is not opening,at this time how ur going to validate data(test data) using QTP?
Not Solved
You can check if the window "Flight Reservation" exists. If it does not then just exist the test.
Sample test code
If NOT Window ("Flight Reservation").Exist(5) then
message = "dialog 'Flight resrvation' is not displayed after 5 seconds"
End If
Not Solved Question 
I think the question is not properly phrased. Please re-phrase the question.
If this is what you are trying to say, then that makes no sense.
When you know that the data given is correct and still the application is not being displayed, then a defect should be logged saying that the authentication part is not working. If you want to validate the data, validate it before entering it in QTP and then run the script.

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