Application Form: Writers

We are looking for experts who can create high-quality tutorials on various software testing and programming technologies. This is a part-time remote work opportunity and you can apply from anywhere in the world.

All we are looking in you is an expertise on your subject matter and that you should have a good command of written English skills. While we are not looking for the next Shakespeare or J K Rowling, we want that you possess decent English skills and you can present your content in an interesting way. 

Tutorials need to be written in an easy to understand language so that even an absolute beginner can follow.

Here is how the process would work:

The 9 Step Process

  1. After filling a simple form below, you will provide us a sample of YOUR writing in your field of expertise. The sample should be of minimum 2 pages. You can write on “What is X?” where X is your field of expertise. For ex: “What is Netezza?” Or “What is Selenium?”
  2. If you qualify based on your resume’ and sample content, you will be asked to provide us with a detailed Table of Content (TOC).
  3. We will review it and the TOC would be mutually finalized. This will provide you a good idea of the time and effort you would need to put in the tutorial.
  4. You can now come up with the delivery plan and total cost of the tutorial. We will set review milestones depending upon the length of the tutorial.
  5. Once a delivery plan and cost is finalized, you will start developing the tutorial.
  6. On every review milestone, you will provide us the draft. We will revert with our feedback and comments. You would incorporate those and submit the final draft for the corresponding milestone.
  7. Once the complete tutorial is delivered as per our standards, we will release your payment.
  8. We provide several modes of payment. Most likely, we can pay you in your medium of choice. For example; PayPal, Internet banking, NEFT, PayTM, UPI etc.
  9. Read the details and fill the application form at the bottom of this page.

Show Me The Money

The cost of tutorial would vary with complexity and time. To provide you an idea, we pay between $200 and $600 for a good tutorial. If you have vast knowledge on various areas, sky-is-the-limit for you in terms of making money with us. If we are able to get along well, you will get a constant stream of work from us and a handsome side income. Imagine making between $400 – $1200 per month just by sharing what you already know!

Plagiarism – A BIG NO!

We believe in 100% original content. While one can take inspiration from a good book, a blog article or a StackOverflow answer, you should not in any way copy other’s content. We employ several tools internally to have a check on all drafts submitted to us. If we find a draft containing plagiarized content, it would be the end of an association with you.


CopyRights of all content submitted by you would be owned by Ajonit Software LLP. You would not be allowed to reuse the same content in any manner whether offline or online.