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Add DataTable column parameter to WebElement in Object Repository?
Not Solved Question 
I have merged my local repositories into a shared object repository. In my shared object repository I have a WebElement object and I want to parameterize one of the properties in this object so it picks a cell value from a DataTable column.

The problem is that I can't add the DataTable column as a parmeter. After pressing the <#> button at the right side in property value field I select "Parameter" instead of "Constant". But when I look in the "Parameter" dropdown I can't find the DataTable column (that I want to pick the value from). Even though I have created many DataTable columns I only find two of them in this dropdown. Why is that and what "conditions" needs to be filled for the DataTable to be included here?

Addition to first post: I have found out that the reason that I can't add DataTable columns is probably because I'm in the shared ObjectRepository. The two DataTable columns I can choose is DataTable columns that was inserted into another object in the OR.

So I think I rephrase my question to: Is it possible to add DataTable columns into shared Object Repository objects? Or do I have to record them in a local Repository and then merge/move them the the shared OR? I use QTP9.0.

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