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Excelsheet data entry
Not Solved
How to use code of attaching excel sheet so that it can take input from excel of desirable row and column and can also be able to put data to excel during run time .
Right now i am using this code but not able to take input from 2nd,3rd row n so on.....
Public Function GetInputFromExcel(InputFilePath,sheetName,VariableName)

set objExcel = createobject("excel.application")
set objWB = objExcel.workbooks.open (InputFilePath)
set objsheet = objwb.worksheets(sheetName)

For j = 1 to objsheet.usedrange.columns.count
If Ucase(objsheet.Cells(1,j).value) = Ucase(VariableName) Then
GetInputFromExcel = objsheet.Cells(2,j).value 
Exit For
End If

set objExcel=nothing

End Function
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