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Exception Handling in QTP
Not Solved
Hi All,

I want to know the situation.

Suppose when we navigae to different pages in web application, and that pages use SSL at that time Window pop ups stating sometihing like ' The page you are moving is Secuure. R u want to continue'.

How we can handle this ?
I know we can handle this by simpel If ...else statment. But i want to know Should On Error Resume Next handle the situation ?

Or Recovery scenario is more useful for this ?

Another Question on Recovery Scenario, as per my knowledge we have to use it when we cannot predict at which step the error will occur.
But we know the type of error right ? I mean Certain Run time error, Certain Pop up ? So have those objects added in our OR to recover from the error . Am I right ?
Not Solved

In such scenarios its preferred to use If ... Else... statement. Using Recovery scenario will slow down the script execution.
Not Solved
Thanks Manish.
One qnother Query on Recovery scenario, As i mention we used it if we are not certain at which step the error will occur.
In practical scenario it may be the case that any type of error will occur. We dont know what it may be, it may be script error, it may be pop up. What if such type of error are not covered in Recovery scenario. How we can proceed this.
I didnt have any practical situation came across so I am curious on this ?



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