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while executing scripts from QC, it overrides all settings of QTP
Solved: 4 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 5 Hours, 8 Minutes, 49 Seconds ago
Hi Ankur,

I am running QTP script from Quality Center. The application is web based application and is very slow. I have put some .sync points and waitproperty and wait statements for some steps. For every step I can not put .sync points. And page load time is very inconsistent. Some times page loads very quickly and some time it takes longer time.

My problem is, QC runs the script on its own speed. and when the page is not even displayed completely, QC attempts to run the next step.
1) is there any setting in QC, by which I can change the execution time for each step? as it overrides QTP Test settings and Run options

2) How does Sync function work?
(e.g. In my application, tree of users is displayed. It can have N no. of users, which is again variable and page refreshes twice on clicking any button. if I put .Sync function for a page or frame in that page, will it wait till frame/page is refreshed twice? and will it wait till all the users are displayed?)

3) Generally our onsite team member runs the script from QC and Host is some other remote machine. In this case, will he be able to see the pop ups on his machine from where he's executing the script i.e. where QC is running the script (e.g. inputbox, msgbox, etc...)?

4) Even in case of step failure, I have selected pop up error message for Run option in Test Settings in QTP. But QC skips the step when it fails. Does QC override the QTP settings? and if so, is there any option in QC, I can set to STOP, SKIP, or pop up message on failure?

Solved: 4 Years, 1 Month, 3 Weeks, 1 Day, 5 Hours, 8 Minutes, 49 Seconds ago
1) To override QTP settings use automation object model(AOM). As an example go to Tools -> Settings there you can find a "Generate Script" button, use the script generated there in your VB Script, that will contain all the settings you did through the tool bar.

2) Need to see your application for this.

3) Yes, Why not?

4) Again use AOM I have described in first point above.
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