UFT Product Availability Matrix (PAM) guide provides complete information on supported operating systems, browsers, add-ins, technologies by the respective versions of UFT/QTP.HPE UFT PAM Guide

LearnQTP’s support forums, blog comments get several comments every week asking about compatibility between UFT and a particular technology/browser/OS. This support set is so huge it’s almost impossible to remember every minor version of every technology supported by UFT.

With every minor and major version release of UFT, HPE does a great job of compiling this support compatibility information into a PDF guide called Product Availability Matrix Guide abbreviated as PAM guide.

The PAM guide is available alongside the UFT software setup file in the respective download folder for a given UFT version as shown below.PAM location in file system

If you have a valid support contract with HPE, PAM guides for all UFT versions can also be downloaded from HPE self support knowledge base.

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