With the release of QTP 10.0, HP has introduced some cool new features. Here are some official (HP) YouTube videos that will take you through Quality Center version control feature, Local System Monitor and Extensibility Accelerator.

Quality Center Integration

Among others, QC now provides you the version control feature and ‘asset comparison tool’ to compare different versions of the same QTP tests.

Local System Monitor in QTP

This feature provides you the facility to monitor various system resources while a test is running. It also has a provision to define a threshold for a given monitor, whereby when the current monitor goes beyond the threshold you can choose to stop the test.

Extensibility Accelerator (EA)

This is a Visual Studio like environment that can help you design support for web-controls that are not supported through normal object recognition mechanism.

In case you are interested in learning more about the latest version of QTP (UFT), you can download various brochures, datasheets, demos, reference guides and white papers using step by step instructions here

Thanks Ayal for the link to EA video.