Returns the position of the first occurrence of one string within another.QTP-instr

Syntax –

InStr([start, ]string1, string2[, compare])

Example –

The following examples use InStr to search a string:

Dim SearchString, SearchChar, MyPos
SearchString ="XXpXXpXXPXXP"   ' String to search in.
SearchChar = "P"   ' Search for "P".
MyPos = Instr(4, SearchString, SearchChar, 1)   ' A textual comparison starting at position 4. Returns 6.
MyPos = Instr(1, SearchString, SearchChar, 0)   ' A binary comparison starting at position 1. Returns 9.
MyPos = Instr(SearchString, SearchChar)   ' Comparison is binary by default (last argument is omitted). Returns 9.
MyPos = Instr(1, SearchString, "W")   ' A binary comparison starting at position 1. Returns 0 ("W" is not found).

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