QTP 11: Complete List of New Features

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Here is the complete list of new features that are available in QTP 11

XPath and CSS based object identification

Identify objects not only using normal object identification but with XPath and CSS identifier properties. A much awaited and a killer feature

Good Looking and Enhanced Results Viewer

The new improved results viewer provides an executive summary page with summary data, pie charts and statistics for both the current and previous runs and a quick link to the previous run results.


Easy Regular Expressions

You can now create reg ex with the help of syntax hints. Regular Expression Evaluator is available to test regular expressions that you have created. Good One.

Now identify objects not only in relation to each other but in relation to neighboring objects.

With this feature, QTP 11 has moved beyond the unreliability of ordinal identifiers. Objects identified with ordinal identifiers are good only as long as they maintain their relative positions with respect to each other in the new build of application. In case if this position changes or gets interchanged, ordinal identifiers may go for a toss.
HP has now introduced Visual Relation Identifier.

A visual relation identifier is a set of definitions that enable you to identify the object in the application according its neighboring objects in the application. You can select neighboring objects that will maintain the same relative location to your object, even if the user interface design changes. You define visual relations in the Visual Relation Identifier dialog box, which is accessible from the local or shared object repository, and from the Object Properties dialog box.

Load Function Libraries at Run Time

With the help of LoadFunctionLibrary statement. You can now load a function library when a step runs instead of at the beginning of a run session.

Test Your GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test

Since QTP is integrated with Service Test, you can now test your GUI and non-GUI based apps in a single run.

Record Support

For FireFox is now available.

Much Awaited Log Tracking is available now

QTP 11 is capable of receiving Java or .NET log framework messages from your application which can then be embedded in the run results.

Embed/Run Javascript in web pages

You can use the new EmbedScript/EmbedScriptFromFile and RunScript/RunScriptFromFile functions to embed JavaScripts in all loaded browser pages. You can use these scripts to perform operations on, or retrieve data from, the browser pages in your application.

Manage Test Data

Improved test data management when integrated with Quality Center

Web 2.0 Toolkit Applications Support

QTP 11 now supports Web 2.0 Toolkit Applications out-of-the-box similar to any other add-ins.

Automatically Parameterize Steps

You can instruct QTP 11 to automatically parameterize test steps at the end of record session.

Silverlight Add-in

To test objects in Silverlight 2 and Silverlight 3 applications. [After installation, Silverlight Add-in is displayed in the Add-in Manager as a child add-in under the WPF Add-in]

Extend WPF and Silverlight Support

You can use WPF and Silverlight Add-in Extensibility SDK to develop support for testing third-party and custom WPF and Silverlight controls that are not supported out-of-the-box

Use Extensibility Accelerator for Web Add-in Extensibility Development

Avoid Downtime Due to License Server Failures

Useful for concurrent license users. With redundant license servers you can create failover, so that if your main license server fails, your remaining servers maintain availability of your licenses without causing any downtime or loss of licenses for users.

You can get more information on HP Functional Testing 11 here and download it here.

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  1. Sireesha

    Thanks Ankur. It is very informative and clear about QTP 11 features.

  2. Ankur,

    I just thought I would let you know that loading functions at run time is not new with 11.0, but has been available since 2008 or possibly earlier with the FileExecute command. This was/is a very nice feature that also allows you to reload a library in the event that you may have modified it at run time and want to reload it or have a debug library that contains functions that are loaded at the start of your test that you want to over-ride with the same functions from a library that you’re tesing. It’s really nice when you want to test your own modified functions and not impact the original functions. This was a topic that I brought up at the HP Software conference in 2008 with Ayal Cohen.

    • Ankur Jain

      @Christopher: Thanks for your comment. You’re correct that FileExecute command could be used to debug libraries. However this command does’t provide Debugging support. Maybe that’s the reason HP thought of coming up with LoadFunctionLibrary command?

  3. Atul Suthar

    Can we test the CRM Application, SharePoint Application, Silverlight Application in QTP 11.

  4. Sudit M

    Hello to all QTP Automaters,

    Need assistance and help in determining whether QTP 11 supports Oracle CRM. It would be really helpful if anyone can assist me with the Addin/Patches required for the same.


    • Julio

      Hi Sudit,

      I need to test ORACLE CRM On Demand using HP UFT (QTP) 11.5, but when I try to record what I do on the web page, the script are not added.

      Did you get an answer regarding your question that you can share with me?


  5. Rampal Singh


    I want to automate cloud based application and have installed UFT 11. Is it possible to automate cloud based program in UFT. Please provide a way to automate the application located in cloud server. During recording qtp, it does not recognize the objects. It takes on object named as remote.

    please help.

  6. sari

    hey .. i installed qtp 11 successfully but in this i m not able to find split action option as it present in qtp 10 .. plz help me out ..how to do split action in qtp 11 .

  7. Craig

    Hi Ankur,
    The articles on this website are very useful. I would like to have your thought regarding compatability of QTP 11 with Chrome Browser 17.0.963.46 m. Below is our application configuration and I would like to know whether QTP 11 supports that configuration. We are unable to recognize the objects while running QTP test. We are using Descriptive Programming approach. I am trying to find out whether we can achieve automation through QTP 11 using below framework. If not, then what is the alternative (tools?). Please advice.

    Application UI: HTML 5/WPF Controls
    Browser: Google Chrome 17.0.963.46 m
    OS: Windows 7 Pro (32 bit and 64 bit)

  8. santhi

    Ankur, I need the QTP training. please help me out and you can reach me at the email.In my company they are planning to buy QTP I need to know ,Please help me out

  9. SUDHA

    Hi All.

    Can you let me know your e-mail id as I need more details in testing tools openings and prepartion, Currently I am in Dallas, tx.Need your help in preparation in testing tools. I have the basic idea of this


  10. Moorthi


    What is the different futures when compare QTP with TOSCA tool.
    What is the extra functionality we have in QTP compare with TOSCA.

  11. rohit kumar

    yah qtp 11 have so many amassing feature the addin feature is most imp. feature of qtp 11.

  12. Hiral

    Can QTP test Flex customised Objects like Robot legs?
    Can QTP perform load testing?

  13. Bhanu Murty Putrevu

    Does the silverlight add in is part of default qtp 11 package? do we need to pay additionally?

    ANS: Hi Padma, I am working as Automation Analysit(QTP). Prsnt i am working with QTP 11.
    Yes Slivelight add in is a part of default add in QTP 11.

  14. MadsenFr

    I’m using a QTP9.5 script with QTP11 on an Oracle Forms application, but access to OracleTable doesn’t work the same.
    And even with the new way of recording access to such a table it doesn’t work (the test doesn’t run).
    Does anyone experiment the same ?

  15. David Verlaque

    Hi Ankur, we have an issue with SAP Gui 7.2 and QTP 11.. where the system either freezes, crashes etc, what is the status on this… are there any patches available?

  16. uady

    whether qtp10 will support Xpath expressions?

  17. durgesh

    QTP 11.0 have nice feature as compare to QTP10.0
    that help a lot of

  18. I am using QTP 11.0 and working over Silverlight 4.0. It is not supporting completely on Silverlight 4.0. To get the support I will have to download some patches for it but while logging in to HP website, It is asking for the contract number. Please help me if some one knows that what kind of Contract number they are asking. And how can I get this. Please reply if any one know.

  19. padma

    Does the silverlight add in is part of default qtp 11 package? do we need to pay additionally?

  20. satish

    i am installing qtp9.0 on my p.c , i can uninstall 9.0 again install 10.0 it can says that seat Setup has detected that qtp or the quick text add in for qc , from version 9.2 or earlier , is installed on computer
    You must uninstall these before installing hp qtp 10.0

  21. vineet

    i am facing issue while running my qtp script in mutiple browser like IE & firefox. can same script run at same time in multiple browser , if yes then how… if is there any code then plz

  22. fie

    thanks for the informative info. one question here, do we need to use QC in managing the requirements needed for the test which by means the QTP is only a tool for the script automation?

  23. Narayana

    HI Ankur,

    could you please let me know whether ie 9 supports QTP 9.2 AND which version of FF supports by the same.

  24. srinivas

    very informative

  25. Anonymous

    Nice features

  26. Anu

    I have installed QTP 11.0 trail version. My debugger is giving me an error. Will anybody help, What Should I do.

  27. siva

    what is GetROpropertie with example?and when we are using in qtp?

  28. Carlene

    I just recently installed qtp11 and I’m trying (unsuccesfully) to record a verification that was originally setup to interact with FF. The test I’m trying to create is using IE9. For some reason there are certain parts on the screen that is not being captured. I’ve been trying to use the object repository for the images on the screen but it’s not working. Any suggestions on how to get around this?

  29. Hernant

    I am getting following issue while the result is generated by QTP after the execuition Can any one suggest..?
    Plse find the snapshot below

  30. Supriya

    Does QTP 11 support Silverlight 4.0. If yes, can you send some tutorial how qtp works with silverlight. If no, can you suggest me some other automation tool which supports silverlight 4.0.

  31. Ramesh Yampalla

    Thanks a lot for giving info about latest QTP version11.

  32. Krishna

    What is the exam code in prometric website for the QTP test? Is it HPO-M47? Please let me know!!

  33. Gaurav rajhans

    I am automating an application build on PB12 and standard window objects. There are certain standard window objects embedded in PbdataWindow. When I spy those objects (embedded window objects inside PdDataWindow), QTP 11 is unable to identify the embedded objects. Any suggestions?

  34. Moin Shareef

    I am using QTP 9.5, can anyone tell me how to capture the data from graph to excel sheet.

  35. Moin Shareef

    can anyone tell me how to capture the data from graph to excel sheet.

  36. judes

    how can i install the QTP 11.0 Trial Version,plz help me send the Link,or els give the step by step option

  37. Ranjeetha

    Does QTP 11.0 support GXT?

  38. Andi

    OMG! I frickkin love QTP. Ive never been able to open google quicker than my test ‘open google’. Love it. Cant wait to buy my own copy for home to open notepad quicker than QTP V9.0

  39. Sudershan

    Can anybody tell me with some example, how Xpath works in QTP11?

  40. I like QTP, I have also worked on several projects and also developed keyword driven framework in QTP but again I prefer to have open source tool like selenium over QTP because of very high price.

    Thanks for sharing information about QTP 11.

  41. Ivan

    It is great, many features coming……….thanks for share this.

  42. nag

    in qtp 11 if i run the web application it is not recording like dolog(“login”).winedit—but is recordingWindow(“Google Chrome”).WinObject(“Chrome_RenderWidgetHostHWND”).Click
    is there any change with this .

  43. @ Ankur, this is a good article. It was very informative and I have already made my recommendations to my client. Yes, we are going for QTP 11. Will get in touch with you if I need any help. Thanks for the post.

  44. @ Kasi, I have worked on Xpath and CSS identifiers extensively. I know it is very useful in automation tools like Selenium, but I am not sure if it will be helpful in QTP. As it it QTP provides a lot of advanced features and properties that we can use to track an object. Xpath??? according to me will not be of much use.

  45. Venkat

    Does QTP 11 support applications built on .Net framework 4.0?

  46. Kasi

    any one real time scenarios worked on using the features XPath and CSS identifier properties? I don’t see any high value in it other than just one of the feature

  47. Brahmesh

    Good Stuff. Thx!!!

  48. Deepak

    NICE STUFF…has some rally gud features.

  49. Varsha Jain

    does QTP support OBIEE apps?

  50. Walta

    Great Stuff.

  51. Nanthini222

    @Taj’s doubt:
    Change the url in Automation->Record and Run Settings of the Test. Check whether you can open the specified url manually. Then only QTP can open the same url. If you dont want to open any specific url, check the radio button “Record and Run test on any open browser”

  52. Taj

    I have downloaded qtp 11 .i am new to qtp.
    I cannot record anything.when i run recording i got this message.”The browser application can’t be launched.possibly the url is wrong”
    please help

  53. Raj

    Does QTP 11 support mobile application automation or .Net application running in pocket PC 2003 SE emulator?

  54. Pradeep.HL

    weather qtp supports ie9?

  55. Razak

    Very informative. Thank U

  56. Abhi

    Anybody has any experience on working with application which contain infragistic & .net objects.

  57. Prashant

    Its good to see that QTP 11 is come up with excellent new features but i disappointed,still its not have native flex or 100%flex support.

  58. Balaji

    I am learning QTP.I am getting this error while running the script.right now I am using QTP 11.Can anybody help how to resolve this issue ??

    strPage = “hwnd:= ” & CStr(Browser(“hwnd:=” &oIE.hwnd).Page(“title:=” &oIE.Document.Title).GetROProperty(“hwnd”))

    whenever the above statement get executed then the below error is populated.

    Cannot find the “[page]” object’s parent “[browser]“(class browser).Verify that parent properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

    Please help me.I am new to QTP :(

  59. Is there Intelliselect feature incorporated as yet ?

  60. N@t Turn3r

    Still no native Flex support.

  61. Volodymyr

    Does QTP 11 support infragistics WPF controls?

  62. Kevin Abel

    Have they added a way to work with IE tabs? I have not found a way to tell QTP which IE tab to work with. Does anyone know how to do this?

  63. Nice Stuff in ur blog

  64. We are using SharePoint Portal, We are trying to use QTP to test our Portal and it applications. We keep getting “Invalid or wrong URL” even though the URL is correct. Dose anyone know if QTP will work with SharePoint Portal?

  65. The Dude

    Have anyone tried to step into (using the debugger) the code loaded with “LoadFunctionLibrary” ?

  66. Karthickvijaysundaram

    Can’t wait to use it!

  67. chinmaya

    I installed the trial version of QTP 11 after downloading from HP site. But on invoking QTP application it is asking for License. How to get demo license?

  68. Paveena

    I have a query regarding descriptive programming , as how can we write a script inorder to check the color of the label

  69. uma sankar

    Hi Ankur,
    It is very helpfull for beginners.

  70. avinash

    it is very good to know the new features….

  71. Balaji

    I am learning QTP.I am getting this error while running the script.right now I am using QTP 11.Can anybody help how to resolve this issue ??

    strPage = “hwnd:= ” & CStr(Browser(“hwnd:=” &oIE.hwnd).Page(“title:=” &oIE.Document.Title).GetROProperty(“hwnd”))

    whenever the above statement get executed then the below error is populated.

    Cannot find the “[page]” object’s parent “[browser]”(class browser).Verify that parent properties match an object currently displayed in your application.

  72. Nice info ankur..thanks to share the info…

  73. Sagar

    Hi Ankur,
    After read your post then only I came to know the latest version of QTP. Thanks for your post

  74. very useful imformation…. i dont know about silverlight application… can u tell about this Sl2 and how QTP is going to support it…

    Thanks and Regards

  75. Philip

    Thank you for the latest version of QTP. It has many nice features added.

  76. Sap

    I downloaded and installed QTP 11 trial.
    Is the Flex support not there? I did not see Flex add-in provided in the list of add-ins with th einstaller?
    Where can I get the flex plugin for trial with QTP 11?

  77. Saravanan M

    Thanks for providing this information about qtp 11.0

  78. David

    Everyone should try and move away from QTP and HP. Their licensing scheme is rediculous and the product is sub-par. Ranorex is the way to go for both SilverLight and Windows testing.

  79. Pratap H S

    hi ,
    any one worked on RFT and QTP both , let me know ur thougt on whch tool is best , as i have some updates and thoughts on this as i have been working for both the tools parallay

    Pratap H S

  80. Pratap H S

    hi all ,
    Nothing much with new version QTP 11 i, i belive , its all market strategy , only new stuff is
    1.XPath and CSS based object identification
    2. object identification with respect to neighobour object .
    Other then this all are just other way around features available in previous versions .

    Pratap H S

  81. kpreddy

    what is Severity and Priority

  82. Sergio23

    The new xpath object recognition feature is a total disappointment. A part that is supported only when you record (no DP capability) but it also doesn’t support more than half of standard xpath object that are for example recognizable by Selenium in Firefox.. And Firefox support goes only as far to v3.5 So this feature is far from being a “killer” one. With few exceptions the new features are just “make overs” of the old ones, no “revolution” as it was expected. I am afraid that QTP will lose it’s market and followers (me being the huge on) very soon (at last in Web testing) if HP continues like this?

  83. When will QTP support Silverlight 4.0? I downloaded the trial version of QTP 11 but it still doesn’t support SL4. Surely someone from HP is reading this and can answer. Thanks!

  84. Suba

    Thanks for sharing the information..

  85. Venkat

    Thanks for sharing such great information it is very useful for all the people who r using the qtp

  86. Hi Ankur,

    Both the videos you have posted are very informative and clear for anyone who wants to start on thier own framework. Thanks for the permission to post them on my blog , will hope to see you reading my blog as it would have the best of most interesting posts on the web . Let me know if you want to add or change anything .

    Best Regards,
    Aditya Kalra

  87. Sanjana

    Can anyone explain brief about QTP 11 comparing with QTP9.2?

  88. Rashmi

    This article is helping me a-lot… Thanks everyone… :-)

  89. atul

    Thanks for your post

  90. Siva Kumar Eanuga

    Hi Ankur,

    This article is very informative, Thanks for sharing :)

  91. Sreekanth.V

    I downloaded and installed QTP11,but it is asking license.
    Can any body help me how to get the license.

  92. Venkat


    Thank q for sharing the good news…

  93. Narasimha A Solinghur

    Really Excellent and long awaited features are added in QTP 11

  94. Dasaratha

    Hi Ankur,
    After read your post then only I came to know the latest version of QTP. Thanks for your post

  95. Shiva

    I am having basic doubt like in real time industry when will the QTP is used. I mean in which phase of the testing life cycle it is used.
    1. Tester will start using the tool with out the app url(i.e., using the DP) or after the application is stable he will use the tool
    2. If the tester starts using the tool with put the app url from where he will know the objects and its properties.

  96. Prashant

    Thanks for good news

  97. Piotr

    oh … I forgot about CPU utilization … try some profiler you will see how many fields should be corrected first …

  98. Piotr

    Features ? It would be nice if they fix their bugs first/imrpove stability/correct misleading error handling/improve performance …

  99. Bommy

    Yes, we are having more advanced features in QTP 11v on RE, FL, Parameterization,Result Window etc,.

  100. Prakash


    Thanks for the QTP 11 new features, definitely it will help to create robust scripts.

  101. Navaneetham Vemula

    Hi Ankur:

    Thanks for information about QTP 11

  102. Raj

    Any solution for Google Chrome with QTP? QTP 11 supports Chrome?

  103. sridhar

    HP introduce QTP 11 with new features and it’s very usefull for upcoming projects.


  104. selvam

    Great.Thanks for bringing the latest updates.
    its really informative

  105. Finally caught up with what Visual Studio 2010 Test Professional (CodedUI + Ranorex) already supports! Descriptive Programming (Regular Expressions + XPATH is a must) now its just a case of allowing people to compile so you dont need a licence for each execution client.

  106. zeeshan

    Can we install QTP 11 on windows 7 machine?
    Pls reply..

  107. Satish

    Another Good approach to do automation.
    Nice information.

  108. umamahesh

    Excellent. HP has added some more features in 11 and solved some old issues. It will enable us to create much robust scripts.

  109. Veeraiah

    Hi Ankur,

    Thank you for bring such kind of information about QTP 11

  110. ANKUR,



  1. QTP 11 is available for download as HP Functional Testing 11 | Learn QTP - [...] QTP 11: Complete List of New Features → [...]

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