UFT/QTP: Browser Support Matrix for IE, Firefox, Chrome, Netscape & Safari

Last updated: July 10, 2014 By Editorial Staff

This page contains a regularly updated matrix containing details of QTP/UFT version support with various browsers.

QTP/UFT vs IE Support Matrix

QTP v9.2
QTP v9.5
QTP v10
QTP v11
UFT v11.5
UFT v12
UFT v12.01
IE v11.0 EPMNANANANANANAYes (Other than ActiveX, Silverlight, Flex)
IE v10.00NONONONOYes with support of UFT_00044 YESYES
IE v9.00NONONOYes with support of QTPWEB_00078 YESYESYES
IE v8.00NONOYes with support of QTP_00626 YESYESYESYES

QTP/UFT vs Firefox Support Matrix

QTP v9.2
QTP v9.5
QTP v10
QTP v11
UFT v11.5
UFT v12
UFT v12.01
Mozilla v28NANANANOYES with support of UFT_00044 + UFT_00068 NOYES
Mozilla v25, v26, v27 (Beta)NANANANOYES with support of UFT_00044 + UFT_00066 NONO
Mozilla v24NONONONOYES with support of UFT_00044 NO (YES for v24 ESR)NO (YES for v24 ESR)
Mozilla v22, v23NONONONOYES with support of UFT_00022 + UFT_00056 NONO
Mozilla v20, v21NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00129 YES with support of UFT_00022 NONO
Mozilla v19NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00127 YES with support of UFT_00001 + UFT_00037 NONO
Mozilla v17, v18NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00122 YES with support of UFT_00001 NO (YES for v17 ESR)NO (YES for v17 ESR)
Mozilla v15, v16NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00112 YESNONO
Mozilla v13, v14NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00105 YESNONO
Mozilla v12NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00100 YESNONO
Mozilla v9, v10, v11NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00092 YESNO (YES for v10 ESR)NO (YES for v10 ESR)
Mozilla v4, v5, v6, v7, v8NONONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 YESNONO
Mozilla v3.6NONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00059 YES with support of QTPWEB_00063 YESNONO
Mozilla v3.0, v3.5NONOYES with support of QTPWEB_00046 YESNONONA
Mozilla v3.0 Alpha 7NOYESNONONONONA

QTP/UFT vs Chrome Support Matrix

QTP v10
QTP v11
UFT v11.5
UFT v12
UFT v12.01
Chrome v34 - v36NANANANAYES
Chrome v33NANAYES with support of UFT_00068 NOYES
Chrome v31 - v32NANAYES with support of UFT_00044 + UFT_00066 YESYES
Chrome v30NONOYES with support of UFT_00044 YESYES
Chrome v27, v28, v29 (Beta)NONOYES with support of UFT_00022 + UFT_00056 YESYES
Chrome v25 - v26NONOYES with support of UFT_00022 YESYES
Chrome v24NOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00102 + QTPWEB_00120 YESYESYES
Chrome v19 - v23NOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 + QTPWEB_00102 YESYESYES
Chrome v12 - v18NOYES with support of QTPWEB_00090 YESNO (YES for v17 and v18)NO (YES for v18)

Support for Chrome Incognito mode

[Incognito mode is a stealth mode where Chrome won't track your activities you perform on the web]

To work with this mode, you need to allow some settings in Google Chrome browser.

  1. In Chrome, go to Tools > Extensions and check the developer mode.
  2. Make sure that the UFT agent at the bottom is enabled.
  3. Check “Allow in Incognito mode”.
  4. Make sure you have a single window of Chrome open during record/replay.

QTP/UFT vs Netscape Support Matrix

QTP v9.2
QTP v9.5
QTP v10
QTP v11
UFT v11.5
Netscape v8.1.3NOYESYESNONO
Netscape v8.1.2YESNONONONO
Netscape v8.0NONONONONO

QTP/UFT vs Safari Support Matrix

UFT v12
UFT v12.01
Safari 7.00Yes, Tech Preview (MAC OS: Mavericks (10.9))YES
Safari 6.10Yes, Tech Preview (MAC OS: Mountain Lion (10.8))YES
Safari 6.00Yes, Tech Preview (MAC OS: Mountain Lion (10.8))YES

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  1. Dear Ankur,

    Have checked with UFT 12.0 & Firefox 27.0, it looks does not support this version or would require any specific patch.

    Kindly suggest,

    • @Santosh: Please have a look, If it is supported, it would be mentioned in the matrix above.

      • Yes Ankur, as per the given matrix it is supposed to support. But I see it doesnot.

        Also, a quick query, do we have to make any further setting on installation of specific patch? As I have tried even 11.0,11.5 & 12. In none UFT I found recognize FF/Chrome browsers. If I am missing any step. Thank you.

      • @Santosh: As of now, any browser other than IE would only provide replay support. Regarding additional settings/patches etc, I would suggest you to check the ReadMe file that comes with every Patch and Service Pack.

  2. sandeep


    I am trying to run qtp 11 in windows 8 but still qtp cant recognise the object of web application actually my browser is ie10 which doesnt support by qtp 11 can you provide me some usefull information regarding for the same. I also try with mozilla firefox 18.0 version and downald the patch of qtp which is availabel in your website but this is not working.


  3. Aniket

    Patch for QTP 11 for v 20,21 not available…i cross checked twice to confirm…please suggest

    • @Aniket: Yes, it seems to be unavailable right now. If you have a HP SAID, check with the support team.

  4. Ram

    I tried UFT12 for Firefox 10.0 ESR and 12.0 ESR and the object SPY not recognizing the objects for the same

  5. ilidas

    Hi, based on UFT PAM, IE 11 is not supported in UFT 11.5x but will be in UFT 12 (KM00654269).


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