For one of my projects, I was using SystemUtil -an inbuilt object of QTP- to launch my application. For about 5 SystemUtil.Runtimes script-replay was perfect, the 6th times onwards QTP started throwing an error:

Cannot identify the object parent. Make sure that……

Object spy on browser bar revealed that it was being recognized as window instead of browser! Some more R & D and I discovered that the problem lies with the SystemUtil.Run method. I was using SystemUtil.Run “explorer”, <URL>. When I changed that to SystemUtil.Run “iexplore”, <URL> script started running fine. I guess while using explorer, QTP expects a file path and not a HTTP path on it. Having said that, I am still not sure how it ran fine for the first few times.

To launch an application, I think a better alternative would be to create a shell object and launch applications using its Run method. It will take about 4 lines of code.(including declaration and destruction of shell object)

Probably a good time to change my habit of writing the shortest possible code while programming!

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