My inbox and QTP Forums are being swamped nowadays due to people experiencing various problems during installation of UFT. The #1 reason for these issues has been corrupt downloads.
For various versions of UFT (formerly QTP), the size of downloaded files is in the range of 1GB – 3.1GB. On a slower internet connection, this huge file size may result in corrupted downloads.

Here is quick method on how to verify the integrity of your downloaded QTP/UFT ISO(or a zip) file –

  1. Download and install this nice freeware called MD5 Check (Softpedia Link). Just choose the default options during installation. It’s lightweight and should install quickly.
  2. Browse to the location where you have stored the downloaded UFT ISO file. Verify MD5 checksum for your QTP downloads
  3. Enter the MD5 checksum for the version of QTP you wish to check. List is given below.

Here is a list of MD5 Checksum for various versions of QTP/UFT and the corresponding downloaded file names.

  • UFT 14.00: (ZIP) 9D16FDB2C18EB9984E729C97EA8530E4 (File name is
  • UFT 12.54: (ZIP) 79C7F4AF1324BD7174DDD95C4565B91D (File name is
  • UFT 12.53: (ZIP) 00c0cafc061f9b7698f3aab3eca967bb
  • UFT 12.53: (EXE) f7ff8e5dab5bdf592c5d5fab657c33ea
  • UFT 12.52: (ZIP) e42711dbd1418d674d47c7411f0f3d4d (File name is
  • UFT 12.52: (EXE) db7f868e19a7a04c39fd9620377f9a0b
  • UFT 12.51: (ZIP) daeb5a1e7a37a6d2046202414b3b2ec7
  • UFT 12.51: (EXE) 28d24dc1bd38450aaa6511af0123fb17
  • UFT 12.5: (ZIP) 7C0D8828A2FA23C669A5614F73F3AE8A(File name is
  • UFT 11.5: 32F56BD3F60CC4FAD15F403351C3B15C(File name is Software_QTP_11.0_English_T6510-15080.iso)
  • QTP 11.00: 4AED13FF8EB6E7E0B4BF209C814905AF (File name is Software_QTP_11.0_English_T6510_15066.iso)
  • QTP 10.00: BA1F404F7E2B860744D55964E703816E (File name is

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