HP has released some critical service packs/patches post the release of UFT 11.50UFT 11.5 Service Packs & Patches

The first thing you should do is to download and install UFT_00001.EXE This pack will convert UFT 11.50 to UFT 11.51. Make sure you have admin privileges on the machine and enough patience while UFT carries on with the service pack installation, since it seems to be hanging during installation.

This service pack will address issues and have updates related to –

  • Missing External Actions tab under Action Properties is back
  • Action Templates feature that went missing in UFT 11.50 is back in 11.51
  • Support for Windows 8 and IE 10
  • Support for Mozilla Firefox v17, v18
  • Support for PeopleSoft PeopleTools 8.52, SAP CRM 7, New SAP Web Dynpro ABAP 7.01 and 7.02 Controls, Siebel 8.2.2 and Terminal Emulator Rocket BlueZone 6.x
  • Keyword View (Insert Report Step)
  • Run Session Stop Key (Ctrl+Alt+F5)
  • Errors Pane
  • Application Areas
  • Add-ins

Post the installation of this service pack, you should also install HP Run Results Viewer service pack 11.51 UFTRRV_00001.EXE

On top of 11.51, HP has released a patch UFT_00037.EXE which will address issues and have updates related to –

  • Support for Mozilla Firefox v19
  • Recogition issue of OracleTextField and OracleTable
  • Unable to enter the code “Exit Property” in function library. (UFT crashes while entering the value “Exit Property” in Function Library.)
  • LoadAndRunAction can’t locate test in ALM that’s never opened in machine before
  • Getting an exception while opening QTP11.0 test in UFT.
  • QTP11.5 object spy is not identifying embedded Java application inside Oracle application. The objects are recognized as only Browser(..).Page(..).winobject(sun.awt.canvas).
  • After installing UFT SP1, relative path resources of tests created with UFT 11.50 are duplicated
  • While identifying windowless objects that were developed using the  MSAA API – default capture level is not working correctly.
  • Receiving a flash player error when clicking inside a Flex data grid if QTP automation libraries are installed
  • UFT getting stuck when trying to execute SwfToolbar().Select statement

Important: Make sure to download and install the above patches in order mentioned above. Hat tip to Tarun for getting the install order correct.

All the patches are available direct from HP support with no need for HP support ID or Passport ID. In order to download ANY patch from HP support website use this publicly available format.

We have created a Download UFT Patch Engine. You can now download any patch with a click of a button.

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