Here is a review of QuickTest Professional Unplugged by author Tarun Lalwani

What I like about the book?

QTP UnPlugged

  • A one-of-its-kind book on QTP. Till now we had to satisfy ourselves with QTP tutorials/ HP knowledge base and had to ‘put-it-all-together’ by ourselves. This book makes learning QTP far more accessible.
  • Authored by a person who has helped scores of people on the QTP community, with over 12000 posts on a popular QA forums answering testers’ queries. You can be assured he knows what he is talking about.
  • Neatly divided into 32 chapters with nice explanations and accompanying code snippets.
  • It has fodder for all, from beginners to gurus of QTP.

How you should read the book?

Read it cover to cover and do not directly dive into chapters of your interest. I know this advice is contrary to what you would generally do with technical books. It is for a reason. There are nuggets of wisdom hidden in the points in between and notes at the end of each chapter. Moreover, this guy has an uncanny habit of finding out undocumented features in QTP. I don’t want you to lose any such points by skipping those lessons.

Who is this book for?

  • Those  looking to dirty their hands after already having a round of QTP training.
  • Those who are at least a month or two old using QTP (with some good effort).
  • Those wanting to go beyond record-replay and feel like getting something advanced like working on Windows API, .NET classes etc.
  • Those looking to integrate QTP with QC.
  • Those who need help with Descriptive Programming.
  • Those who need help with various MS Office Object Models.
  • Those who need help designing their QTP frameworks.
  • Those who need help with VBScript in QTP.
  • Those who need help with… fill it yourself

What did you release it so late in 2009 and not when I was looking for such concepts? What I could have got from reading this book alone took me tons of R & D to find out.

Who is this book not for?

You may not get a ‘tutorial’ feel here. For those just starting out with QTP, this is not a substitute for QTP Training (unless you are a focused self-learner).

What I would want more?

  • Tarun has done full justice with 400+ pages. I can’t think of any major improvements.
  • Since this book target beginners I would have loved to see more explanations for real-time applicability of terms like Execute, Eval. Similarly, in the chapter that covers DotNetFactory (… introduced in QTP 9.2), explanations of terms like Guid, ProgID etc. might have made these concepts easier to understand.
  • As is the norm with other technical books, an accompanying CD having code snippets that were used throughout the book.

Where can you buy this book from and is there any discount?

  • If you are in India – You can buy it from Flipkart
  • If you are in US – You can buy the book from Amazon US
  • If you are in UK – You can buy the book from Amazon UK
  • If you are in Canada – You can buy the book from Amazon Canada
  • If you are elsewhere – Check out various other options.

Give Away – One QTP UnPlugged Book

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Get Set Go!

Update: We have a winner. QTP Unplugged goes to Ramesh (Comment #36) Check out the video below of how we did the random draw. Those who couldn’t make it can still buy the book from various options given above.

Thanks everyone for participating!

Declaring winner of QTP UnPlugged

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