I am very excited to announce that my new premium online training course, UFT Training On Demand (lovingly called UTOD), is now open for enrollment.


As some of you may know, my team and I have been running this hugely popular website for 10+ years now. In the past 10 years since we have been operating this website, we have tackled several thousand questions on our own blogs, emails, LearnQTP forums, StackExchange, UFT official forums and from our training students.

Given the breadth of experience, there are rarely any issues/questions left that we have not seen earlier. It is this experience and expertise that we have put into our newly launched UFT training course.

What is UFT Training On Demand (UTOD)?

UTOD is a proven, step-by-step system to learn UFT through high-quality videos, articles, eBooks accessible from a secured website. This is unlike most courses on UFT. Why? Because other courses just teach you stuff and then you are on your own.
Instead, in UTOD, my team of experts and I will be available for you for the whole duration of your subscription for any questions you may have on UFT training.  There are students who love written content along with videos hence as a special bonus we will add UTOD eBook which will cover the complete training in a written format.

On popular demand, we also plan to release a complete UTOD Project for all existing students in the month of Sep-Oct 2017.

More specifically, in UTOD, you get access to:

  • High-Quality UFT Training: This is where you get access to my proven, step-by-step system to learn UFT. Each lesson includes HD videos and downloadable training material (like assignments, scripts and more).
  • Unlimited Q & A: How may times have you gone back to the trainer after you have finished your in-person classes? Perhaps never! As an UTOD student, I’ve got your back. Your enrollment comes with unlimited Q & A that you can ask us using the dedicated web based support desk. We find some students feel shy asking questions in a group hence we have come up with a web-based support desk where one can ask questions on an individual basis.
  • All-new bonus material: UBOK, UFT Scripts, and UFT Coding Standards. UBOK contains tips and tricks to work smart with UFT. UFT Scripts is a rich collection of UFT Scripts used in day-to-day real-time scripting, plus a compact coding standards document designed for UFT.
  • Perpetual Articles and Videos: This is where we shine. We don’t leave you in the wild after the training course. You will get continued access to various articles and videos that we would release from time to time.

And there’s a whole lot more.

What is the price for UTOD?

Enrollment for UTOD is open today with more than 25% discount. The discount offer is available for a limited time. The pricing is available in two currencies USD and INR.
Learn more about UTOD and the UTOD pricing here.



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