I would like to take this opportunity to heartily thank and inform all my blog readers that we have surpassed 1000 readers milestone on QTP blog. [Proof: Check the top right side of this blog] In simple terms it means that any post which comes up on this blog is read by at least 1000 QTP professionals around the world, apart from the thousands daily who arrive from various search engines. This would not have been possible without your continuous support and encouragement. It was your regular comments and emails that I was able to maintain my tempo through the thick and thin of blogging.

Well, here is some interesting trivia noted over the past one month:

Visitors by country: QTP blog gets the maximum no. of visitors from the US followed by India.

Visitors of LearnQTP.com country wiseLearnQTP.com visitors by country ____________________________________________________________

Browser Share of visitors: IE followed by FF but beware Microsoft, Firefox is fast catching up!

Browsers used by LearnQTP visitors____________________________________________________________

Operating Systems used by visitors: Clearly Win XP wins here with large majority of 86%. Though I would like to hear from those 5% using Vista about their experience of QTP on it.

Operating systems used by LearnQTP visitors____________________________________________________________

Also, I would specially like to thanks our QTP forum moderators Niranjan(from the US) and Sridhar(from the UK) who have volunteered to contribute their valuable time in answering members question on the forum. The 1350+ members strong forum is bustling with activity because of the indefatigable spirit of members like them.
Thanks everyone again. I would like to hear your feedback through the comments section below.

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