QTP 11 is available for download as HP Functional Testing 11

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QTP 11 is now available for download.

HP has packaged QTP 11, all its add-ins and HP Service Test under the heading of HP Functional Testing 11. Download QTP 11You can download the entire package here (iso file, 3.61 GB). QTP 11 is  available as a 30 days trial unlike its predecessors which were only available for 14 days. (New users need to register on HP’s site. No contract/maintenance required to download trial )
Unfortunately, this means, QTP 10.0 will no longer be available from HP’s download center.

Check the complete list of new features in QTP 11. Also you can follow the step by step instructions to download and install QTP 11

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  1. Raju Verma

    Is whether HP UFT 12.02 supports silverlight 5.1 under trail version or licence version..

    I have found Add-In plugin for WPF-Silverlight and clicked the checkbox and then proceed to click OK. I then checked back to check if WPF-Silverlight checkbox is clicked or not but the checkbox doesn’t appear to be marked since it is a default trail version stored in machine.

  2. Santhosh Kumar.P

    Hey all, can we use QTP for SAP Business One 9.0..Pleazzz help out in dizz.

  3. raghav

    I am not able download QTP 11 version in this site it is not available.Kindly help how to download.Kindly share direct download link.

  4. deepti

    Hi Ankur,

    i have already installed QTP trail version on my system. 30 days are over. How can I purchase QTP software for my personal use and how much it cost?


    • @deepti: I don’t think it is available for individuals to purchase, you would need to contact HP through your company. The cost varies by region. Last I checked it was around $8000+

  5. Nishith

    Hi, I wanted to download QTP11.0 but now it is not available on HP site. can you please let me know the other URL from where I can download QTP11.0.

  6. dhivya

    Iam new to QTP ,can you please send me user guide

  7. ameet

    what is QTP 11 cost in Rs

  8. avineet

    2 questions:
    1.Does QTP works with Abnitio?
    2.What is the procurrent cost of QTP

  9. anand m

    We are in process to evaluate QTP for Eclipse RCP based application. For trail version its come with inbuild support for such applications or we need to install any additional plug-in for it? If we need to install plug-in then from where we can get.

  10. RAKESH

    Guys i installed QTP 11 demo use for 30 day trial, now it ask for licence key. so anybody have lience key for Demo or crack key of QTP 11 then forward me..

  11. when i was tryingto run the setup ,it showing that it not a valid win32 application

  12. Sunshine

    Can I still able to download a trial version of QTP v11? HP digital download need a confirmation ID which I believe HP only give out via request through their sales rep. I did once but no replied.

  13. chakri

    Hi Ankur,

    Can i run muliple tests parallel in QTP?
    Ex: selenium Grid

    if we can , pls suggest me the way to do this.

  14. Patel

    how to crack for extending QTP 11 trail version.

  15. Evgenia

    I need a program HP Run Result Viewer.
    If I download QTP 11 trial, make custom installation by peaking just ReportViewer to install. Can I use only Report Viewer, without license?

  16. Bala

    Hi Riya ,

    Yes QTP is best tool for testing. but it depends on what development you are strong at ?

    QTP is best tool for maintainance , for simple testing its fine . if you gone keep on changing your application or functionality than you have to keep on editing your script , So its always better you choose a good framework for your testing .

    first decide a framework and than check whether that tool supports your framework . almost all tools supports all framework.

    happy testing …..
    Contact : balacyno@gmail.com

  17. Hi
    I am a developer and i have more idea about testing tool
    is qtp is good for simple testing

  18. Suvarna

    Hi Ankur,
    I have downloaded QTP 11 and while installing, it is asking for license key. Will you help me to acquire license key for trial version?

  19. Pritee


    I have reinstalled QTP 11.0 trial version on same machine and now it’s not working please give the proper solution.

  20. Ishu

    I don’t have download key for QTP 11.0 even i have registered my id on HP site.

    I need to know procedure to get “Download Key”

  21. Philip

    Where else can I get this download? Please help if you can. Thank you!

  22. Hiro Mia

    Hi I want download and installed QTP 10.0/11.0. How I will get the QTP Software? Please help me……….

  23. Kapil

    Even after unselecting the option for Run License Key… I am still getting asked for the License… I am not getting the Continue, instead it’s a Cancel button…

    Can any one tell me what to do…


  24. Lalith

    I have a QTP 9.5 concurrent license in my office, can I download the QTP 11.00 and upgrade it with out additional charge.

    Thanks and Regards,

  25. anil kumar

    Have a problem with installation of qtp11….final stage license failure.how to get the license key.plz help

  26. bala

    @Simran Yes QTP 11 Supports Silverlight 4 without any Add-ins

    Hi can any one help me or give me details about QTP 11 license available in market and their respective cost ?

  27. Hi Ankur, I want to learn QTP.I have total 4.6Yrs expereince in Manual testing in Software but now i want to move into automation.
    Please suggest me how to start with.
    Shall i go for QTP training Institute and if yes then please let me know which training institute should i join in Gurgaon.

  28. Sunil

    Thank you very much, can any one please give me the QTP 11 user guide.

  29. Mohammed Sarwar

    Hi I want download and installed QTP 10.0/11.0. How I will get the QTP Software? Please help me……….

  30. mathys venter

    Has anyone succeeded in performing the client and server side settings to integrate qtp 11 with solution manager 7.0? I am able to create ecatt scripts from qtp but qtp will not launch from solution manager.

  31. Anu Selva

    I have downloaded and installed QTP 11.0 but I am not able to launch it due to license error and have read all the above blogs and tried un checking the wizard before clicking run, can any one please help , logged to HP’s Software Licensing portal but un able to find either license key nor concurrent server details. Please help me out or provide link to hp qtp support forum

  32. Pujan

    Hi Ankur,

    I have QTP 10 in my machine with Seat license. If I upgrade it to QTP 11, will the same license work in QTP 11? Or do I need to any modification? Please suggest.

    Your input will be very valuable to me.


  33. Ratika


    I have downloaded the trial version of QTP 11.0. During installation, it gives me error that reads “error reading from file……XXXX.dll. System error Code:23/87 etc”. This error comes for various dlls. What needs to be done.

    Please let me know if any one knows the solution. Thanks a lot in advance

  34. Sunil

    Can you send QTP 11 image verification algorithm details ?

  35. Guhan

    For those who are unable to download from HP site can download from here http://www.filesonic.in/folder/17085705. I have uploaded in the file sharing site. This is the QTP 11 trial version

  36. sriram

    Hi ,

    does Qtp 11.0 supports silverlight 4.0 version.. can anyone help me…

  37. mamatha

    i have installed qtp 11 but not able to find java add-in instead java add-in extensibility software is existing. if only java addin extensibility is installed will it supports all java objects.

  38. Vikas


    Iam using Win 7 IE 9 is it compatible with the QTP11
    because on recording the browser throws an error i.e
    Internet explorer stop responding and no script is generated. Do me a favor tell me the settings if required to do to make them compatible and also suggest me how to generate script using above environment.


    Vikas QA

  39. Vikas

    wilma to run Qtp right click on qtp icon and open using run as admin then only u can access qtp . This way u can use qtp for 30 days free without any license

    vikas QA

  40. Wilma


    I was trying to install the trail version of QTP 11.0. It is asking for order number and license key.

    Could anybody please help


  41. vikas

    hey. I downloaded and install qtp 11 i selected seat license but now it ask for license , i just want to use trial 30 days can u plz help me out
    also it ask for eltu/ltu to generate license , i need free 30 day trial only plz suggest me?? mail me vikaspagrotra@sdplabs.com

  42. shankar

    give me QTP download linik & installation info

  43. Naveen

    Can we use the QTP 11 for 30-days, If we uncheck the “Run License installation Wizard” option in “Additional Requirements Installation” window?????

  44. satish

    Hi ankur,

    From where i can download QTP 11 trial version

  45. raj

    Its available on below site
    you need to register your self to get demo version.
    its 30 days trial.

  46. nancy

    QTp is not available for download now. plz help how to download.

  47. raj

    hi All,

    After registering and selecting QTP 11 version on HP site . I got a mail with e-software Delivery reciept Transaction information

    Confirmation number:
    Transaction date:
    Ship-to address
    Sold-to address

    is this the same you are talking. my profile addresss is also written there.
    I want to confirm, if I am donwloading any evaluation software from HP site then is it ok as I am not sure why they are saying SOLD to.

  48. Aman

    Does QTP 11 support IE-6,IE-8 ans Window XP?
    Can I sucessfully record the scripts on IE 6 and IE-8 using QTP 11 on Window XP.

  49. Namrata


    Please can anyone give me or share some link from where can I download qtp 10. I urgently need it. Please help.

  50. Singh

    Hi Neeta,

    One more Update…

    If you are registered with HP, you will get an activation link to download QTP Installation which will be downloaded as ISO file.


  51. Singh

    Hi Neeta,

    Inorder to open the .ISO file to install QTP, please install ISO open tool ‘DAEMON Tools’. This tool is a Virtual Drive Creation Tool.

    It’s a free 15 day trial version. After installing DAEMON Tools, Open the tool – Click on File Menu > Click Add – then browse the .ISO file location where it’s downloaded.

    As Now the ISO image is updated go to My Computer a New Virual Drive is created which has QTP Setup Icon. Double click to Install QTP.

    If any Questions, do ask


  52. neeta

    hi i am not able to actually install iso file. i follow the link but there is not any iso file there to install. i have registerd my self already.

  53. Singh

    Hi Ankur,

    After installing QTP 11.00 successfully, it’s asking for Seat License. Can you please advise me where can I get this from?

    Any Help much appreciated.


  54. not able to record few labels using qtp11. I am using trial version of qtp11 and have also installed test advantage.Any answers??????

  55. Can any one please help. What is the trial version license key for QTP 11?

  56. thanks for the post! really helps!

  57. hi ankur is there any way to download the evaluation version of UFT quicker and the smarter way ? plz help me

  58. Dhruval

    Hello Ankur,
    I have downloaded QTP 11.0 version successfully but not able to record. I get ‘Internet Explorer stop working error’ when i click on the ‘Record’ button. plz help


    Please help me out about the certification details of QTP:

    1) What is the code for this exam
    2) What is the cost
    3) Exact process for registiering for the exam.

    Any help would real be helpful.

  60. Anshu

    I downloaded from HP.But unable to install it.It is asking to burn Cd..Is it necesary to burn the cd and then install it.Please let me kno.It will help me great deal.

  61. Sue

    Can I do QTP testing on SAP application?

  62. I am able to download the QTP 11 but not getting the license…how to do that ..I tried a lot…

  63. surya

    I am new to automation.
    I want to migrate existing-VB Script written with respect to QTP8.2 version to QTP11 version.
    so how can i do this? Pls guide me.

  64. deepak

    Can here some one please provide me the solution of using trail version of 11.0,Is any one is using that.
    As per Ankur suggestion i unchecked the licence part and tried to install it is showing licence error.Please tell me how to use trial version of QTP 11.0.

    Ankur are you aware of this,simply igoreing licence will not work.Can you provide some solution.

    • Ankur

      @deepak: Have you installed some other trial version of QTP earlier? If yes, you won’t be able to install the trial again on the same machine.

  65. Vinod

    Please send me the qtp questions

  66. sharath chandra

    i just had to change the system date&time to current date&time

  67. sharath chandra

    hey guys,
    i downloaded and installed qtp 11.0 it worked fine for a day but now when i launch qtp its throwing some “LICENCE ERROR” please help…………….

  68. Vinita

    I downloaded QTP 11.0 trial version copy. It is asking me for the license key during installation. If I uncheck the ‘license key wizard’ then the installation is not completed and I don’t see QTP showing in ‘Program Files’. Please advice

  69. Shiju

    Now I have a QTP 10.00 seat licence in my office, can I download the QTP 11.00 and upgrade it with out additional charge?

  70. Anju Kansal

    Hi Ankur,

    We are unable to execute the QTP scripts through QC recorded for the Google Web ToolKit application. As these scripts are working fine by QTP.
    QTP Version: 10.00 and QC: 10.0

  71. ayeb

    Is it possible to upgrade a QTP 10 to QTP 11?

  72. Shikha

    Hi ,

    I downloaded QTP 11.0 trial version copy. It is asking me for the license key during installation. If I uncheck the ‘license key wizard’ then the installation is not completed and I don’t see QTP showing in ‘Program Files’. Please advice



    Hi Anuj

    Did you got any template for POC.I am slo doind same kind of poc and investigation for some suitable automation.
    Please share your knowledge on this.


  74. Yek

    Hi ,

    I am already holding a full licence for QTP10 for unlimited time. Can anyone please let me know whether i need to pay extra money to use QTP11.

  75. Satish

    QTP11 which is available on HP site is an Evaluation copy. Can any one nows when it will be offically Launched. If any one as any info on the same, please provide the link for the same.

  76. Anuj

    we have decided to go for d automation in our project and as per my knowledge we do prepare POC doc(analysis study) and Approch Doc(which wil include framework) and then we go for the actual automation
    For POC : i only that its feadiblity study of Tool with AUT. But i dont know what all points we need to cover
    could any body pls help in getting the headers to be included in POC doc or any template which can be shared from ur end.

  77. Shankar Prasad

    @Suma and Saranya: It will ask license key only at the final stage of installation in “Additional Requirements Installation” window. You have to uncheck the “Run License installation Wizard” option before clicking RUN button.

  78. Suma

    I have the same problem as ankur while downloading qtp11 demo, it is asking for license. Am i installing wrng or selecting wrong options? Please someone give me an answer

  79. Saranya

    Hi Ankur,
    I have downloaded QTP 11 and while installing, it is asking for license key. How do I acquire a license key for trial version? Plz help…

  80. shankar

    I have downloaded QTP 11 from HP website. Now I am not able to install it. During the installation it will stuck up in “Registering Modules” stage. Can anyone help me with this. Anyone is facing similar issue or anyone has succeed in installing QTP 11?? I tired many times…but it fails.

    • jerry

      same-thing here. I have had 3hrs of frustration with HP. All files downloaded, and after that…nothing happens. It’s not giving me a zip file to extract. and I think that’s the same problem you’re having.
      So I got on the phone and online chat with several HP representatives, and none of them were able to help out. One of the problems is that, first of all, the download box does not show “HP Quality Center 11.0 Evaluation” as an option. It gives you these other “media” evaluation files. If someone can help us…it would be very appreciated.

      • Ankur Jain

        @jerry: Please note that as of now UFT 11.5 is available for download and not the earlier versions from HP’s public site. Please follow the instructions here and make sure to choose “Using Standard Download” Let us know how it goes.

  81. Bommy

    Hi Ankur,

    Could you plz provide some helpful inf. on Java Add-In problems

  82. Vinay S.

    Can you please send me user guide/tutorials of QTP 11 ?

  83. I don’t want to register, hopefully it will be uploaded in a 3rd party site

  84. Jayachandra Reddy

    Thanxs alot ankur for New Features and It Really Help Us in Learning and Knowing More about this tool Really Great work..

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