Step by step instructions to download and install UFT 12.5

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HP has released the latest version of Unified Functional Testing – UFT 12.5. The trial/licensed version of this software is available for download now.

Here are the step-by-step instructions to download and install UFT 12.5


    1. Go to UFT 12.50 download location
    2. Click on “Download Now” button.
    3. Fill in your personal details and click Continue.Fill your personal details
    4. Agree to Evaluation Software Terms of Use. Accept Terms and Conditions
    5. On the next page, make sure to select Using Standard Download on the top right side drop down. Hit the download buttons to download the evaluation version of UFT 12.50 and a 46 KB letter from HP.Download UFT 12.50
    6. UFT 12.50 evaluation is about 1.97 GB in size. It may take around 1-2 hrs to download (depending upon your internet speed)
    7. Once downloaded, you will get a zip file.
    8. Check the integrity of the file you have downloaded above by using the steps mentioned here and then come back to pt #8
    9. Use your favorite unzipping software to extract files. We prefer a free and robust software called 7zip which can be downloaded here.
    10. To extract contents, right click on the zip file –> 7-Zip –> Extract to “\”Extract UFT 12.50


    1. Before you start with installation, make sure that –
      • You have administrative privileges on the drive where you wish to install UFT.
      • You have IE 7or IE8 or IE9 installed on your machine.
      • You have Windows 7 SP1/Windows 8 on your machine. [Check UFT_PAM.pdf for the complete list of compatible software. This pdf is available under the same folder where Setup.exe is present]
      • If you’re upgrading from QTP 9.5 or above versions, then the installation process will automatically uninstall the older version and install UFT. If you’re upgrading from QTP 9.2 you need to manually uninstall QTP 9.2 before upgrading to this version. UFT icon
    2. Once you have extracted the contents as shown in Step#9 above, go inside the folder and double click on Setup.exe file to start the installation.
    3. Choose default options on the next few screens. [Note: Along with default Active Add-in, Visual Basic Add-in and Web Add-in, UFT 12.50 setup comes with the following 13 add-ins which can be installed per your requirement: Delphi, Flex, Java, .NET, Oracle, PeopleSoft, PowerBuilder, Qt, SAP Solutions, Siebel, Stingray, TE, Visual Age]
    4. The place where it asks for QTP license keys, click on Cancel button.
    5. Remember You DO NOT need order number or license keys for the trial version. Check the video below.

How is your experience with the new tool? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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  1. Nidhi

    My uft 12.02 Trial version got expired. How can I reinstall it.

  2. Virender

    Not getting Installation Wizard(where in we do Next Next to get it done) while Installing UFT 12.02 on Windows 7(sp1) machine.

    It stops after installing “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 X86 Redistributable – 10.0.40219″ and
    “Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 X64 Redistributable – 10.0.40219″.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.

    • Check PAM guide for yur OS support. If that is fine, you may want to check if the download is not corrupt.

      • saravana

        Hi Ankur,

        Could you please tell me the exact licence period for UFT trial version? is it 30 or 60 days?

      • @saravana: Looks like HP has incorrectly mentioned 60 days trial on one of the download pages. UFT 12.02 comes with 30 days trial only.

  3. Firdous

    Hi Ankur,

    I have installed the UFT 12.02 trial version successfully, but on starting, it is saying “This machine does not have a valid Unified Functional testing License.”. I have windows 8.1 machine. please guide how to make it work

  4. Amandeep singh

    I have uft 12.02 installed on my wnidows 8 o.s .
    It has installed but everytime it is giving runtime error .
    That ” parent to webedit i.e webrowser cannot find.
    And in second line parent to webedit i.e page cannit be found ..and so on to eveyline .
    But same scipt is running in windows 7 properly on my 2nd laptop.
    What is the solution..??
    I cant install window 7 as ..i bought a new laptop with original windows installed with one partition ..just 5 days back!!!
    Poease help me!!!

  5. Wade

    Hi Ankur. I installed UFT 12.02 on windows 7 professional SP1 for evaluation purpose. The installation completed. However when I started the UFT, I got a License error “This machine does not have a valid unified functional testing license. For more details, please refer to …. you must install a valid license and then restart UFT”. I click “Cancel” button, the application closes itself. I noticed other people also asked the same question but I can not find the solutions posted here. Please help if you can. Thanks in advance.

  6. Raj

    Hello Ankur,

    While installing UFT 12.02 SEAT license on Windows 8.1 machine(VMware client) we are getting below error message.

    “Failed to install license key.
    Error[143]:Failure in accessing the license file.

    Are you aware of this issue? any resolution.

  7. ssp

    Hi ,

    I am preparing for UFT 12.X certification (HPO-M102). I am trying to practise flight GUI application. i see UFT 12.00 is recordsing the objects only as windows the child/parent objects (like dialog,winbutton,edit etc) are not being identified . Can anyone please let me know why it is happening?


  8. rashmi

    I got an error of missing MicMFClibU.dll file while installing QTP in my laptop.I am not getting this dll file fom internet also.So,What should I do?Plese help me to solve my problem.

  9. Nathan Bala

    I have installed UFT 12 trial version. I have set the seat license to proceed with 30 days trial. I got message that the license type set successfully. But when I restart my application, it again looks for license. I am able to open UFT at all. Any help would be great help

  10. anupam shukla

    can we uninstall licensed version of QTP 11.0 and install QTP 12.0 trial version?
    I am getting license key issue for it.

    • Ramu

      first u have to change os on ur system and install uft 12 or otherwise it will not work

  11. Naba

    I am using UFT 12.02 and as I was going through the tutorial it says about the Sample flight application. Going through the exact path I find no Sample Flight Application being installed only. I went through similar comments here where it is instructed to run as a administrator. ‘Running as a administrator’ – what and how exactly it is done. I am using a licensed version – please advise me how to make the Flight application available with its test scripts/code..

    • sarayu

      hi, go to C:\Program Files\HP\Unified Functional Testing\samples\flight\app
      and here you can find flight3a,4a and 4b. Just select in which u want t use. Make a shortcut to Desktop and start using it in UFT 12.02

  12. Eric

    I can’t seem to download the trial, the HP form is broken on the state/province menu.

  13. Kondal Nookala

    Hi Ankur,

    I had installed the UFT 12 trail version and used it for a month and now the trail period has come to end, I tried downloading the latest version of UFT from HP but it doesn’t allow me. Requesting you to please help me with a viable solution.

    Thanking you in Advance!!!!

  14. Vinod

    Hi Ankur,

    I downloaded the trial version of UFT 12.02. While trying to run the set up file, I was stopped saying no VC++ components and Microsoft Access DB engine 2010. I was able to download the VC++ components but unable to download the Microsoft access db engine. I am currently working on windows 8 machine. Please help


  15. Liam

    Hello Ankur

    My company uses UFT 12.01 at the moment and have encountered impediments with UFT 12.01 and Firefox not being good friends. I read that UFT 12.02 will be compatable with Firefox. I have only been able to find the Trial version. Do you happen to know when the full release and download of UFT 12.02 will be available.

    Thanks in advance


  16. jotsna

    Hi Ankur,

    I have downloaded UFT 12 on my windows 8 system and it is not working. Please suggest how i can do that as i can see people with windows 8 could do that.

  17. Georgiana

    Hi. I’ve just installed UFT 12 and I can’t open the Flight Reservation application. If I go to Start -> UFT there is no sub menu to choose from. If I open Flight Api directly a pop up comes up that says “HP Flight Service is Running” and below I have 3 Service URLs.
    Can you please help me out with this?

  18. anju

    UFT 12.02 is not at all recognizing flight application objects

  19. anju

    Could you please tell will changing date will extend the expire period for uft12.02?

  20. vinoth

    while instaling UFT 12.02 i am getting “Error reading file”
    Icons.16*16.FormerDesigner.DecreaseHorizontalSpace.png ,verify that the file exists and that you can access it ,
    Please some one help on this- Thanks.

  21. Mukti

    Hi Ankur..If I upgrade from qtp 11 to uft 12 and again if i want to roll back to qtp 11 using same license, would be there any issues?

  22. Mukti

    Hi Ankur, I have asked regarding the upgradation of QTP 11 to UFT 12.
    Could you help me at the earliest!!
    Do i need to buy a new license or i can use the same license.???

  23. Ishani

    Hey Ankur,
    You have got a great style of writing article – simple and straight. Great work..
    I have a question – where do I get to download UFT 12.02 service pack upgrade. I need to upgrade the Report Viewer from QTP 11.0.

  24. mukthi

    Hi Ankur, I have a QTP 11.0 life time validity license. Now i want to upgrade to UFT 12. Can i use same license for for installing UFT 12.0 or do i need to buy a new one. Please help ASAP.

  25. mukti

    Hi ankur, i have a life time valid QTP11.0 license. I am now upgrading to UFT12.
    My question is can i use the same license for installing UFT 12.0 or do i need to buy the new license!?

  26. HI sir,

    Could you please guide me how to reset trail version of UFT 12.01.


  27. asha


    Getting a License Error while tring to install UFT 12.01 trial version. Please help me to start successfully.


  28. asha


    I have downloaded UFT 12.01 trial version and when trying to launch its giving License error. Please help me how to start UFT.

    Thanks in advance

  29. Renee Bailey

    I download the trail version of UFT version 12. The record functions are grayed out and I can not use the record function. How do you use the record fucnitons on the trail version of the UFT software?

  30. ManiTest

    Hi Ankur,

    We are migrating from QTP11.0 to UFT12.0. are there any limitations?

    Also how is sprinter works with UFT12.0? do we need to take care of few things.


  31. Nanshu

    Hello Ankur,

    whenever i try to use FTP, it do not open the Internet Explorer. i tried IE 9, 10 , 11 but its not working on any of them. Even if UFT is opened, IE crashes always.

    UFT is not working with any version of IE.

    can you please help me with this. i made sure that IE settings were installed properly.

  32. rajie

    I installed UTF 12 Trial version. When i started the UTF , it says “validating Licence ” and i get a information box saying
    “Sentinel RMS:Oct 24 13:22:22:Process(11184):VLServerHandel, Line:92(0)”
    The information appears continuously and am not able to proceed further. Pls help

  33. Russ

    I have a couple of QA’s that recently installed UFT 12.01. When they restart their PC and while UFT is running, other programs have a delay when opening. Programs such as MS Excel or even a IE browser which has 5-10 second delay. We tested on couple of PC’s. I did not see much a difference in memory usage or CPU usage when opening these programs. Any ideas?

  34. Yogesh

    I have installed UFT 12.01 on my localhost and have started using it for learning purpose. I have a question: Can HP service test be used to validate a windows service? If yes, please let me know the process.

  35. anand

    Hi Ankur,
    I have installed UFT trial version on my system, but it asked me for license key. While installation i didn’t gey any window to uncheck “License related” check box.
    Can you please help me to get from this ?


  36. anand

    Hi Ankur,
    I have downloaded the software from the location suggested by you.
    Hi i have followed all the steps you mentioned. But i didn’t get licence window while installation. After completion of installation, when i opened UFT Application, it asks me Licence key”. Can you please help on this ?

    Thanks & Regards,

  37. Hemant

    Dear Ankur,

    I need your guidance in connectivity of sample application with flight database. I am using QTP 9.2 and when Flight application is launched and I am not getting fly from and Fly to dropdown entries. It seems something is wrong with ODBC settings. I have uninstalled QTP several times and even MS office 2007 too but no success. Could you please help me in this as I am unable to proceed with practicing this tool.


  38. Harish

    Hi Ankur, when I tried to install UFT12.01 on Windows 8.1, during registering component objects step, so many errors saying that the component registration failed for so many .dll files. If I skip them and then complete the installation, I failed to start the UFT. Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

  39. Vinay

    Hi Ankur ,

    I am able to downlaod the trail version 12.01 and success till only 3rd Step. I am not able to launch the tool . Please suggest me the solution. Earlier I was instslled the UFT 12.00 Trail and its version is expired now.

  40. abdul

    I have download and install trial version of UFT 12.01,
    When start the UFT, cancel license dialogue window, then UFT close, please suggest solutions.


  41. Shikha Aggarwal

    Hi Ankur,
    Can we install UFT with IE 10 or IE 11? Or is it necessary to have IE 7/8/9


  42. Romesh

    in flight reservation system i am putting username=mercury & password=mercury
    login is ok But problem is that one message can disply “Invalid attribute/option identifier”

    pls give me solution on that probem

  43. Ikbal

    Hello Ankur,

    Please I didn’t have a solution to this issue.
    When I want to install HP UFT Connection Agent.pkg, I have this error message:
    “HP UFT Connection Agent.pkg ne peut être installé car sa signature numérique n’est pas valide.”
    –Le paquet a été signé avec un certificat révoqué. Il est possible que ce paquet installe un contenu différent de vos attentes. Procurez-vous une nouvelle copie du paquet et essayez de nouveau–


    • @Ikbal: Here is what the translation reads

      HP UFT Agent.pkg Connection can not be installed because the digital signature is invalid. ”
      -Package Was signed with a revoked certificate. It is possible that it installs a different content to your expectations. Obtain a new copy of the package and try again

  44. Bharath

    Hi Ankur,

    Thanks for the wonderful Installation guide. We recently migrated from QTP 11 to UFT 12, and we are facing some strange issues like UFT will hang at breakpoint or when run error is displayed. I have to kill the UFT process and then open UFT again. Debugging has become very difficult. Any idea why this is occuring ? was my installation not proper ?

    I am using Win7 64bit OS with 8GB Ram


  45. Ikbal

    Hi Ankur,

    Please I want to know if UFT 12 is supported by Mac Os
    I’ve download this last version but it doesn’t work on Mac OS

    Best regards,


    • @Ikbal: There is a limited support for Mac OS on UFT 12. Please check this post to find out more on Mac OS support.

      • Ikbal

        @Ankur: Yeah, my problem in fact that is I had .exe file when I downloaded UFT12.
        So, this file cannot be installed on Mac OS.

      • @Ikbal: You can’t install UFT on Mac yet. Rather you need to install UFT connection agent which is a service installed on your Apple Mac computer, which enables UFT to communicate with the Safari browser using the WebSockets protocol. You would also need to have UFT agent extension for Safari on your Mac machine. The code will be executed remotely.

  46. adrika

    hi ankur,

    1.when i click on insert output value, it automatically redirects me to insert object value properties dialogue box instead of object selection dialogue box. what can i do to get object selection dialogue box.

    2. when i start recording, both windows application and internet explorer are getting opened and i could continue with the one i like(intial steps of none of these two actions are recorded). But what should i to open only the app i require and what should i do to record my initial step of opening an application.

    Can you please help me

  47. Bhuvan


    Downloaded UFT 12.0 trail version.However could not install on my sysem(OS:Windows XP, Service pack3).Getting message current operating system is not supported to install this software package

    • @Bhuvan: The message is correct. UFT 12 does not support Win XP. Check the UFT vs Windows support matrix for detailed info on support.
      Given that MS themselves have stopped supporting XP, I don’t think HP has any plans to support Win XP in future for the newer versions.

  48. Jasbir

    I tried to look at the video on this page but it gives me the following error:
    [Error]: An error is triggered during the ajax request! Text: error Forbidden

    I have installed the UFT 12 trial software but when I try to run it I get stuck on the Install License alert. When I click on the Cancel button, it just takes me back to the Desktop screen and UFT never opens up.

    Please help.

    • @Jasbir: Have you installed a version of QTP/UFT earlier?

      • Arpit

        I also faced the same issue. Yes, I installed the previous version of UFT earlier but it worked by clicking on the Cancel button and I was able to use it for 30 days.
        Could you please share your inputs.

  49. Rakesh M

    Is there any way we can overcome the License issue while reinstalling the UFT 12.0 trial version

  50. shilpa

    As soon I downloaded from link that u have provided,I got a mail saying the order for QTP is confirmed, along with the sold-to address & electronic delivery site info. What does that mean? I just want to use QTP trial version not buy from HP. Please clarify ASAP.

  51. Bobby

    1. If you are using Windows 7 Operating System, and installed the HP Unified Functional Testing Version 12.0, this is way I got it working.
    a. Right click on the “Flight GUI” in the Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Samples > “Flight GUI”
    b. Click on Properties
    c. Click on Compatibility Tab
    d. Under the Compatibility mode option (Tick) the Run this program in compatibility mode for and choose “Windows XP (Service Pack 3)” from the drop down list.
    e. When you open this application, then choose the option yes to run as administrator

    2. Similar follow the same compatibility setup for 2 (flight3a.exe & flight4b.exe) other applications in the below folder (or where ever you have installed this software):
    C:\Program Files\HP\Unified Functional Testing\samples\flight\app

  52. Koti

    Hi Ankur,

    I downloaded and using UFT 12.0. I observed that when a breakpoint is inserted in QTP script or a library file, execution is not holding at the breakpoint. Could you please let me know what else I need to install so that debug works?


  53. Shinde

    Hi Ankur,

    I have installed UFT 12.0…When I try to run the sample flight application (Flight GUI) and enter the agent name and password (both as mercury)….Getting following error “Invalid Attribute/option identifier”.

    • @shinde: I hope your install was not corrupt? The sample app is working fine at our end and we have not heard any such issues from others.

    • Olga

      I have the same problem. But if I open flight app as administrator it opens ok.
      But in this case I have to click ok because Windows asks me to allow to make changes on my computer

    • Vinod

      For all those who face the issue like : ““Invalid Attribute/option identifier”.
      while opening the “Flight Application” .., the reason for that error is because of admin privilege..,

      we can sort this problem by following these steps…,

      Right clilck on Flight GUI icon, –> Select Properties –> Click on ‘Compatibility’ tab –. Under ‘Privilege Level’ section –> select the check box ‘Run this program as an administrator’ and click on OK button.,

      And then retry accesing the Flight GUI application.,

      Hope that helps…, Thanks


      • Lalitha

        Thanks vinod for this valuable info
        Actually i did number of things to rectify this prblm.
        Thanks a lot

  54. KuMAR

    While installing QTP12 I have got an error. Error reading from file:unified functional testing\MSI\GlobalAssemblyCache\HP.ST.EXT.automationAPIhelpers.dll. Verify that file exists and that you can access it. How to solve this error.

  55. Shahrazad

    Hello Ankur,

    I need a patch for running the automation script on Firefox 28.0. it’s working on Firefox 27.X .. but i need it to work on version 28. =)
    is there a way i can configure it to work on it?!
    Please Help =D

  56. Jason

    Hi Ankur-

    I am facing an issue with QTP 12.0 and Flights application. When i launch Flights application and go to the main flight reservation window, it gives me an error “Invalid attribute/Option Identifier”. Dropdown menus are blank and there is no flight button.I have checked that I have copy of the database under sample folder etc..
    Please let me know if you have resolution to the issue. There are alot of people affected by this issue. If this cannot be resolved please guide how i can install QTP 11.5 OR 11 on my machine.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Best REGARDS

    • @Jason:
      What’s your OS? There are few kinks with this new version like the various Start > Tools not available under Windows 8. I have raised a request with HP and waiting to hear from them.

      • Aparna

        Hello, I have faced the same issue when I installed UFT 12.00 on Windows OS7. Couldn’t work with Sample Flight Application. I get “Invalid Attribute/Optional Identifier” error when I log-in into the sample application. Has HP given any solution to this? It seems to be widely faced issue by everyone who has installed UFT 12.00

        Is this issue related to some missing DLL or regarding some DLL’s registry?

      • @Aparna: There has been no patch from HP after the release of UFT 12.

        @All: For all those getting same issue, please mention your OS, Service pack of OS installed on your machine, IE version and QTP/UFT version.

      • Swapna

        Hi Ankur, I am getting same error with flight application .
        OS: Windows 7 Home Premium
        IE version: 11.0
        UFT: 12.00 (Installed UFT for first time on my laptop and this is the version I could download).

    • pabbs

      Hi for error msg :Invalid attribute/Option Identifier.
      1. go to folder where flight4a.exe is located
      2. right click on it and select properties
      3. click on “compatibility” tab
      4. under compatibility mode, check the check box :run this program in compatibility mode for
      5. select your OS
      6. click apply and then ok
      7. restart the application

  57. babu

    system need to format,after trail period got expired in uft or QTP………………
    could you please provide solution regarding without formating the machine……………

    • @Babu: 1) As your organization to get the license keys 2) Request HP to extend the trial or else no solution.

  58. Anitha

    Hi Ankur,

    I have Installed UFT version 12 in my windows 8. I am unable to find test batch runner in my system. Can you guide me how to open test batch runner in windows8.

    Thank you,

    • @Anitha: Looks like this is a common issue with people on UFT 8/8.1. While the help says all tools would be available from the start screen of Win 8 but none of them are available there. I think it will be better if you can raise a bug fix request through your company’s support system to HP.

  59. sathya

    hi ankur
    i have downloaded the latest UFT 12.0/11.5 version in windows 8 .i am unable to find where flight reservation application located.its getting hard to locate in windows 8 version laptop.

    • @Sathya: You are correct. UFT 12 does not show the sample apps in start screen of Windows 8. This seems to be a bug. However as a workaround you can directly open the windows based app from C:\Program Files (x86)\HP\Unified Functional Testing\samples\flight\app

  60. Vamsi

    Hi Ankur,

    I installed the UFT 11.5, during the installation, I failed to download the “Script debugger” due to internet Issues. Could you please let me know the way I can download it ?

    • @vamsi: You can go to Start > All Programs > HP Software > HP Unified Functional Testing > Tools > Additional Installation Requirements and install debugger,

      • Vamsi

        Thanks for the Prompt response Ankur. It is working now. Thanks once again.

  61. Puneet Samaiya

    Hi Ankur,

    I have got trial version of the UFT but not able to open that Flight reservation system which is embedded with it. I want to know that what would be the username password of this application… if you know please share with me

    Thanks & Regards
    Puneet Samaiya

    • Ankur Jain

      username: mercury
      pwd: mercury

      That works across the desktop based and web based apps.

  62. lakshmi

    i was downloaded the external download manager IDM . still i was getting the same message

    • Ankur Jain

      @Lakshmi: Please check the steps above carefully. Try not to use HP’s download manager.

  63. lakshmi

    i was downloaded “HP Unified Functional Testing 11.50 CC English SW E-Media Evaluation”.after downloading the size of this file is only 1281kb. while opening this downloaded file i was getting this message

    ” Compressed(zipped) folder is empty
    Before u can extract files,u must copy files to this compressed(zipped) folder”
    please tell me what to do

  64. Anil

    hiii.i have download 11.5. but i need a key for use it.
    help me for key????

  65. NEHA



  66. Balu

    Hi Ankur.
    When I’m inistaling UFT. It was Asking License.

  67. Reshma A

    when I install QTP 11.5 showing this error message
    Error Attempting to open the source file:
    while installing uft 11.5 while coping file getting the following error: Testing\ MSI \target dir\data\resources\image\bitmapresources\Bitmapres ouces\-data\icons\16×16.forms.designer.increaseHorizontal space.png System Error code :3

    • Ankur Jain

      @Reshma: Check the pre-requisites before installing UFT. Also see in case the download is corrupt.

  68. Arivazhagan

    Thanks for your meticulous effect MR.Ankur

  69. Serdar Bolat

    Hi Ankur,

    I downloaded and installed HP UFT 11.50 but when I try to start I am getting “HP Unified Functional Testting has stopped working” error. Before installation I gave all necessary permissions and disabled antivirus program. I run it as administrator. Do you have any idea about this problem ?

    Thanks in advance.

  70. Maruthi yadav

    Hi Ankur,

    I was trying to execute multiple scripts @ time(Using Test Batch Runner), but am getting “QTP has stopped working” error. Please let me know, What is the problem and How to fix this issue.

    Thanks in advance!!

  71. Bilal

    Hey Ankur,

    i want to know do i have to re-install window n QTP all over again to make it operational again?

    my system windows 7

    QTP version 10

    please help


  72. Deepali

    Thanks again ANKUR for providing useful link and Info…

  73. Mani

    hi Ankur, QTP installing steup video is not visible on page….it show the msg that first share the page then video will be visible..I shared the page..still video is not visible… Plz help…

    • Ankur Jain

      @Mani: Thanks for the heads-up. The issue is fixed now. Please check.

  74. anil

    When ever i click on Trail verson in UFT 11.50 build in hp, i am getting this error “The server closed the connection without sending any data”..Please can you help me out.

    • Ankur Jain

      @anil: May be a momentary issue. Try again after some time.

  75. BK

    So I followed the directions and filled up the form about personal details and agreed to the terms BUT it came up with a message that a link will be sent to me after some review and approval. What does that supposed to mean?
    I entered all fake information accept for my email as I was gonna format my system after 30 days and download another trial.

  76. sadapa

    Hi Ankur,
    Are the upgrades free? WE currently have QTP 10. We would like to evaluate 11.5?
    Just wanted to know if the upgrade to 11.5 is free

    • Ankur Jain

      @Sadapa: No. The major version upgrades are never free.

      • vigor

        We have a UFT 11.53 licensed version with us. Right now we do not have any running support agreement with HP. Can we still upgrade it to UFT 12. Will our 11.5 license would work here?

      • @vigor: AS Vijay has reported here, looks like UFT 12 will work with your current license of UFT 11.5.

      • vigor

        Thanks a lot Ankur for your comments

  77. Amit

    Hi Ankur
    very well written and easy to follow steps. But I got a mail saying the order for QTP is confirmed, along with the sold-to address. What does that mean? I just want to use QTP trial version not buy from HP. Please clarify ASAP.

    • Ankur Jain

      @Amit: That’s how HP processes your download requests. You can ignore that.

    • juhi

      heyy cn you forward the exact link to download qtp and the seenium complete package?

      • Ankur Jain

        @Juhi: QTP and Selenium are two different tools. For QTP, please check the download steps above.

  78. Amit

    I would like to know if we can get the patch to update 11.5 to 11.51.

  79. Vijay

    @ Antony
    Right click on that link and open in a new will see the registration page, from where you can continue the downloading. chose Advanced mode for easy downloading.

  80. Vijay

    Now the file size for UFT 11.50 Eval software is reduced to 1.71 GB :-)

  81. Antony

    When i’m clicking on this link “HP Unified Functional Testing 11.50 CC English SW E-Media Evaluation” from trial softwares, my system dosent seem to do anything. Downloading is not getting started. Is there any time limit to download, or am i making any other mistake. Can you help me on this please.

  82. Pravesh

    Hi Ankur, after installing UFT 11.5, recording Flight GUI , at replay time/run time I am getting error as Not able to find the Agent Name

  83. Sujata Bhattacharya

    Hi Ankur can i install qtp 10 in windows 8??

  84. G

    Hi Ankur,
    I am having this problem with the UFT 11.50: I can play back all my old scripts created with previous versions of QTP but I can record nothing but the sys util actions with the UFT. The Object Spy recognizes objects and adds them to the object repository. I am using Record on any open application option. Even after adding objects to the repository with the Object Spy and then creating script manually, I am unable to play it back.

  85. Shubha Sridhara

    very well written and easy to follow steps. But I got a mail saying the order for QTP is confirmed, along with the sold-to address. What does that mean? I just want to use QTP trial version not buy from HP. Please clarify ASAP.

  86. sri

    Hi Ankur, I have installed UFT 11.5 as detailed but when launching in Windows 7 (64bit) it says HP UFT has stopped working with Debug and Close program buttons. in the background, UFT’s splash shows Validating license…
    I have clicked cancel when it asked to select license option.
    please suggest if you know solution…
    appreciate your help.

  87. vyas

    how to upgrade qtp 9.1 scripts to qtp 11.5 ? pls help me.

  88. Ramesh Nistala

    Thanks Ankur I am able to download this.

  89. Sekar

    Is there any way we can overcome the License issue on overwriting the earlier version and evaluate the UFT 11.5 version?

  90. Vishwas

    Hi Ankur, I really appreciate your efforts for providing the QTP 11.5 details. I am successfully able to download it.


  91. Ankesh

    Hi Ankur,

    It is asking for license.


    • Ankur Jain

      @Ankesh – If you have already installed a version of QTP earlier and installing UFT 11.5 overwriting that version, UFT will ask for license.

  92. Kripal Datt

    Thanks again ANKUR for providing useful link and Info…

  93. Suresh Bhandari

    was looking for the same.

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