After the release of Google Chrome in September’08, it has gained a significant browser share in the already hot browser market. As suggested by the green line below, this has come at the expense of giants like IE and Firefox.
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QTP support for chrome

With Google Chrome gaining a significant browser share on the web and already touching 25% mark, it was imperative for HP to integrate Chrome capabilities with QTP. QTP 11 now provides replay support for Google Chrome browser. You would need to download and install the patch QTPWEB_00088.EXE available at HP’s support site.

Some important points to note:

  • This patch only provides replay support and not record support on Google Chrome.
  • It won’t support multiple tabs or multiple browsers in Google Chrome as available on Firefox/IE
  • These web environment are not supported yet. SAP Web, Siebel, Java,.NET WebForms. Web Extensibility based test objects won’t work either.
  • These methods are not supported on Google Chrome
    • Browser.Home
    • Browser.FullScreen
    • Browser.ClearCache
    • Browser.Object

All in all this patch needs a lot of refinement but still can be regarded as a good start in the direction of Google Chrome support, which was non-existent till now. As has happened with Firefox, you can expect some considerable improvement with Google Chrome support over a period of time.

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