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Note: HP has released a new version of QTP called UFT 12 in March 2014. Please check this article for step by step instructions to download and install UFT 12 on your machine.

Check the updated step-by-step instructions to on how to download and install HP QTP 11.

To download and install QTP 11, please follow ALL steps mentioned below carefully –

  1. Go to QTP’s new download location
  2. Click on ‘Trial software’ on the pageClick on Trial Software
  3. Click on ‘HP Functional Testing 11.00 Evaluation’ Click on HP unified functional testing
  4. Fill in your personal details and click Next.Fill in personal details
  5. Agree to Evaluation Software Terms of Use.Agree to terms-of-use
  6. On the next page, hit the download buttons to download the evaluation version of QTP 11 and its ReadMe file.

    Download QTP

  7. QTP 11 evaluation is about 2.87 GB in size. It will take around 3-4 hrs to download (depending upon your internet speed)
  8. Once downloaded, you will get a zip file. Extract this zip file using your favorite unzipping software. (I prefer a nice and free utility software called 7zip which can be downloaded here. You can download and install this utility.)
  9. Once extracted, go inside the folder HP_QTP_11.00_Eval_Package_Eng_SW_E-Media_T6508-15000\QTP 11 Evaluation\QTP 11 Installation Files and double click on Setup.exe file.
  10. Choose default options on the next few screens.The place where it asks for QTP license keys, click on Cancel button.
  11. Remember You DO NOT need order number or license keys for the trial version. Check this video.

Let us know through the comments section below if this has worked for you.

You’re done. All the best!

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  1. ComputerFreek

    Hello Ankur
    I’ve recently downlaoded HP QTP (12.0.2374.0) trail version as per given system requirement in HP website,but whenever i try to install from installation launcher it closes automatically after few seconds

    My syytem requirement
    ram 2gb
    cpu dual core 2.5gh
    windows 8.1

  2. shilpa

    Hi Ankur

    i hav downloaded UFT 12.02 build 2374, as i open uft application from icon, it showed blank start page. i didn’t find any default flight reservation kindof to practice.
    please help me out

    • This is the program path for Win 8 C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\HP Software\HP Unified Functional Testing\Sample Applications
      For other OS , just go through Start > All Programs > HP folder

      • Rohit

        sir help me smoething how to download this QTP ?plz repley me

  3. dev

    I am trying to Download the UFT but the web site is not proceeding from
    Unified Functional Testing 12.02 Software Evaluation stage. Its showing a processing symbol for hours but not working…

  4. Val

    Trying to install the latest HP UFT 12.02 software to for a trial run.

    Now unzipped – Have a folder with all the files Software_HP_UFT_12.02_MLU_T6510_-15086

    Not sure where to go from here or where the .exe is.

    Your assistance is appreciated.


  5. arul

    I am getting blue screen error in PC while using checkpoints in QTP 10, Please help out

  6. Venkat

    Hi Ankur,

    I have pretty much worked well with QTP 9.2 and had a long break was into manual testing for 3 4 years but wanted to brush up my skills and prepare for interviews on QTP. What is best place/approach do you suggest for practice & get understanding of the latest changes? Please advise. thanks in advance.

  7. LakshmiNarayanan

    Hi Ankur,

    Thanks for your note. I have few clarification here.

    Recently i have migrated to Load runner 11.52 and i could not view the Test results and its expecting Test Results viewer to be installed. So i have downloaded this QTP trial version and i believe the full version consist of Result viewer setup along with QTP. Will this solve my issues to view the .QTP preference file ?

  8. Mouli Ravitla

    id the software is 32bit or 64bit

  9. amol


    In UFT where is option to start/stop(checkbox) automatic script while Recording.


  10. Mahesh

    Does HP UFT 12.0 works on Windows 8? Dint find anything concrete about it. Please help !! It’s urgent !!

  11. Priyanka

    Hi ankur trying to download software, but after submitting my information i am not getting downloading links, getting message ‘your information submitted, will be evaluated and respond to your application’

    please help.

  12. sudha

    How long I can use this evaluation copy of QTP. What features are available. I would like to have record, play back functions in order to decide whether this will work or not to see it. I have a very complex desktop application with pop up windows, buttons etc. I just want to test it during the evaluation time and see if the product works for our system. Thanks.

    • Ankur Jain

      @Sudha: A fully functional Evaluation/Trial copy is available for 30 days.

  13. Sindura

    I have trouble installing QTP software on my system. I downloaded the evaluation version from HP site, installed it but when ever I try to open the QTP application, it is asking for a license key(Followed the installation steps provided on your website. The Run License Installation Wizard option was unchecked as mentioned). I haven’t received any license key in the email. I tried uninstalling and re-installing the software good number of times but that did not help in any way. Could you help me in fixing the issue?

    • Ankur Jain

      In case you have already installed UFT on your machine earlier, you won’t be able to install the trial again.

    • Philip

      Is it already past 30 days? Just ignore it and click continue.

  14. P

    I entered some other company’s name by mistake. what should i do now?

  15. murty


    I have installed essentials 11.0 and now we got seat license can i apply the license on this..

  16. Manjunath

    How many days this trail version is valid.

  17. Nitesh Haritwal

    I have downloaded UFT 11.5 and installed on my window8 but i am not able to start UFT as every time there is some application on window 8 which is stooping it, Please suggest what to do now

  18. Ank

    Hi Ankur,

    There is no video or any link to the video. Have you removed it?

    Thanks and Regards,

  19. reddy

    I ‘m trying to install Qtp 11.50 trial version,I have installed all the prerequistes before installing qtp,but still i get the error “install Microsoft visual studio 2005 Sp1 run time components” I have downloaded the same and installed.but error is popping up still.Please anybody guide on above error.

  20. mayura

    How do I install the fight reservations Application on Windows 8?

  21. Biswajith

    Hi Ankur,

    I already installed QTP 10 in my system, will it work if i install qtp 11 trial in my machine.

    Is there any crack available?

    • Ankur Jain

      @Biswajith: We don’t allow any discussion on QTP cracks here.

  22. bk

    how i fully uninstall QTP 11 trial version so that i can install again. now when i reinstall trial version it showing license error.

  23. ramanareddy

    while running give path of application
    i.e Systemutil.Run”Path of the Flight Reservation” as First step

  24. Learner

    Hi Ankur,
    I tried to install “HP Unified Functional Testing (with QTP) English Evaluation (GUI and API testing)” trial version but i dont see it under trial softwares…i guess its already replaced with 11.5 version, but QTP 11.0 Essentials is available. Now where do i download QTP 11.0 from

  25. Sreekanth

    How may days does this licence valid. If in condition, this licence expires at some time, wat to do?

  26. Gaurav

    HI Ankur,

    i tried ur steps but the setup windows is not answering specificly the unfied fuction setup….
    PLZ help…am stuck..

  27. Shikha

    Hi Ankur,

    I was able to install the QTP 11.0 but the AddIns for ActiveX and Visual Basic re shown as licensed although for .Net and Java this is showing 30 days remaining.

    Now when I try to record a test script from the sample Filght application this is not able to recognize the Date object as this is a ActiveX control.

    Please help

  28. Dennis John

    I followed the steps as in the video. I do not find a ‘Continue’ button while I try to open HP QTP after installing it. There are buttons ‘Install License’ and ‘Cancel’. On clicking cancel the operation is cancelled and QTP is not opened.

    • Ankur Jain

      @dennis: It looks like you are trying to install the trial version on a machine where you had previously installed QTP. The trial version of QTP works on a fresh install.

  29. madhavi

    is there any way to extending the trial version of software

  30. Bhavya

    Hi Ankur,

    My QTP 11 Trial version got expired. Is there any way to reinstall it ? Pls show me some solution…I want to explore QTP thoroughly.

  31. sri

    Thanks Ankur!!!
    You have explained it very clearly.

  32. Madhavi

    Thanks ankur , you have explained it so clearly. I could install the software.

  33. Ragunandhan


    my qtp 11 trial version is going to expire, can somebody help me in extending the trial version time period?

  34. SAM

    I’ve never got to step 6. after agreed on agreement, all i got is a message “restricted user”. whats going on about this piece of free trail software? Can anyone help?

  35. Namita

    i tried to download Trial version QTP 11.i received mail from HP..the Mail stating that Transaction information, Ship-to address and Sold-to address.

    my worried is they ask Amount or Its Free.

    Please help me anyone.. how to cancel that order if its not free asap

  36. Falini

    I am able to install with the given steps,now ill have to start learning it:)

  37. usha

    Hi I am trying to down load but after agreeing to terms page I am getting a blank page with restricted user on it, why? I am not getting the down load page

  38. meenal

    I am using QTP to Automate .Net Application but DevExpress Controls are not getting detected by QTP properly.
    Plz help.

  39. Shahid

    If this site is guiding please guide with troubleshooting also. I followed all steps but lot of steps are not added here. I am not able to get ‘setup.exe’ only ‘setup’ file. After installation QTP_11 when clicking QTP desktop icon, getting ‘license Error’ if ‘Cancel’ that it cancelled, if ‘install license’ it asks for ‘Seat license’ option, click Next asks for ‘Want to install a new license code? Please guide…

  40. sudha

    Is QTP 11 is compatible on Windows 7 home premium ?

  41. Vikas

    From where i can download QTP 10 trial version

  42. lalbash

    Hi Ankur, ihave 10.00 licen…Whilw upgrading this type of error is coming what will i do..error follows like this
    “C:\Documents and Settings\HP\My Documents\Downloads\Compressed\HP_QTP_11.00\QTP 11 Evaluation\QTP 11 Installation Files\QuickTest\MSI\bin\Templates\BusinessComponentTemplate10_Atlantis\Action0\ObjectRepository.bdb” like this….wat iz the cause

  43. aravinda

    Error 6 (net::ERR_FILE_NOT_FOUND): The file or directory could not be found.

    getting this error while clicking on download link after agreeing terms and conditions. what to do?

  44. Shara

    Thanks, These instructions worked for me. But be sure to follow his post on how to handle the license issue. (You must not select to install the license wizard when running the installation! That’s the trick)

    Thank you for sharing this

  45. Dinesh


    I am unable to download the QTP v11 – trial software. After clicking on ‘I Agree’ button in ‘Agree to Evaluation Software Terms of Use’. The next window as a text message which displays ‘ Restricted User’.

    Kindly tell me how to download the trial software.


  46. Malathi

    I have gone through the above description,but i got empty folder when i was extracted.i dont know why?

  47. santosh

    Cool!! the installation steps work… for win7 also

  48. Gayathri


    I had installed QTP11.0 & this is the 1st step in my S/W testing learning. When i perform any action in the QTP, blue screen occurs & PC is getting restarted automatically.
    This blue screen occurs whenever i perform any action in QTP .. pls assist .. …….

  49. Gayathri


    This is the 1st QTP (V11.0) installed in my PC. when i perform any actions in QTP like record/open/run, blue screen appears & PC automatically getting re-started. This is hapening whenever i perform any action .. i need Assistance on this please..

  50. Gayathri


    Blue Screen appears & auto-restart is done when i record in QTP 11.0 and getting blue screen error whenever i start working in QTP11.0. Its been an hindrance for my learning Please assist on this issue …

  51. Nrusingha Nath Acharya

    I can successfully download and install the trial version. without any issue. Thanks a lot for the steps.
    though the download took 7 hours.

    Comment: As, I rememberbe ankur said earlier in a link that:
    while installing winrar select the option: ISO, i.e select all the zip file formats.
    which will help unzipping and will be a successful installation

  52. Indumathi

    Hi have followed the steps and successfully installed. But When I tried to launch QTP, I have selected Seat License and cliked on Next button where it is asking for License Key which I dont have. Please help me on this. Thanks.

  53. Pandi Rajamani

    i tried to download Trial version QTP 11.i received mail from HP..the Mail stating that Transaction information, Ship-to address and Sold-to address.

    my worried is they ask Amount or Its Free.

    Please help me anyone..

  54. I need trial version of QTP to test loading testing of my application.

  55. Angela Villareal

    It seems to be a problem with the .iso; please help mee

  56. purnima

    Thanks for the info it helped me…

  57. deepak

    could not open ArgsEditor.dll getlasterror 1073741701
    error while install


  58. Bilal

    Hi Ankur,

    Is it possible to Re install the trial version Of QTP 11 after removing it completely and cleaned the registry as well…i have tried but it didn’t work…Can u help me in this regard.


  59. Ganesha

    after I received a mail I click for download it,
    It reflects me new browser page with following url and something is running there, is it downloading ? but I can’t see the status as well there is only blank screen
    Please help me.

  60. Neha

    I am not able to find the HP Functional Testing 11.0 Evaluation on the link that u have mentioned. Can you please check the link and revert back please

  61. Sushmita

    In the HP site under resources the HP functional testing 11.0 evaluation is not available only HP Service Test 11.20 English Evaluation (API testing only)
    HP Sprinter 11.0 SW E-Media Evaluation
    HP Unified Functional Testing (with QTP) English Evaluation (GUI and API testing)
    So which one to download in these

  62. richa

    I am facing some problems while installing qtp 10.0. Plz explain me installation process step by step( send on my mail id)

  63. Lokenath

    I have downloaded the iso file. but it can not be opened by 7zip. it showinmg an error “Can not open file….”. Can any one please help me. Also the file size is 2.46 GB(not above 3 gb).

  64. m

    i dont know abt others..but this was fairly simple…got no errors…nothing unexpected..

  65. m

    i am downloading this…HP QTP 11.00 Eval Package Eng SW E-Media….

    is it correct??

  66. Master09

    Hi, Ankur.

    I’m using the latest firefox and I’ve even tried google Chrome. When I click the link to download, It asks me to accept the agreement which I do, but then nothing happens. After clicking on the agreement, it loads something at the bottom but then it returns to the same page where I clicked the link for download. Please help!

  67. Philip

    Nothing is showing up anymore. Did HP take it down?

    • Ankur

      @Philip: It’s fine at my end. Can others confirm if the above link is working fine?

  68. Hi ankur
    I had tried several times but not able to download the whole zip file .it is always 1.6 GB
    Can u help me please to download whole file

  69. Shree

    I think the link you have provided is hacked..some suspicious Facebook content is seen on it..can you please help? Thank you.

  70. bekky

    Thanks ,Arthur!
    QTP installed successfully but After recording script does not display for Web in expert view/keyword view both. But for Windows application, it works fine

  71. Mohan

    followed your steps but it is showing licence error please help me out.

  72. Oz

    Thx! really helpful and works

  73. mukundha

    hello friends,

    whenever trying to get qtp download, it drives me to fill the form, after this work , it shows me, ur content is not available like. how i downlaod it plz do any need full.

  74. Dhiman

    Hi Ankur, I am having good speed of internet but can you please suggest why i am getting the image file instead of exe file? It shows 34-36 hours to download but then completed in approx 35-40 minutes. Then asked to be burnt in cd. And that too is not working.Can you suggest anything on this?
    Thanks in advance

  75. priya

    I have tried to load the trail software 3 times.every time i get this error and i had to quit the installation.Could you please help me with this.

    error message:
    AcxCmnObjs.dll failed to register HRESULT-2147024703

  76. Rajesh

    Hi Ankur

    I am trying to Install the QTP as per the given Instructions but I am getting the Message HP server not available I am trying since Last three days can you Please provide any other way for the Installation

  77. Jyotshna

    Not able to dowload the QTP as showing a large time to download approx 34 hr for 3.16 gb :-(
    Please suggest.

    • Ankur

      @Jyothsna: Yes, you need a fast internet connection to download QTP because of its size.

  78. Dhiman

    I am not able to download QTP 11 from HP site. I followed the process shown here but through this an image is downloaded, then it is asked to burn that to CD. I even burnt it into DVD but even then its not working. Can anybody suggest anything on this.
    Thanks in advance.

  79. parul

    This was very helpful. Thanks Ankur!!

  80. Shubha

    Hi Ankur,
    Even I am getting License Error when I try to start QTP. What should I do now?

  81. Sudha

    I tried with hp functional qtp 11.0 trial version. After downloading, it is showing 99% , popup message as launching qtp 11.0 ,and then it stops, unable to install

  82. sargopes

    While installing QTP 11.0 I am getting Visual Studio office 2010 error. Can anyone guide to solve this issue.

  83. nith


    I installed QTP once, then i used to get “general error” when I try to save a test..I uninstalled it and downloaded again n followed your instructions, but it says licence error now..Is that because QTP was installed once on my machine? Pls help

  84. Basavaraj

    Hi Ankur,
    Where do I get QTP 9.5 or version 10 trial software? There’s only version 11 trial software available.
    please help.

  85. Shweta

    I was able to register but after the basic information it went to another screen where it was asking for Cell no. & address.
    My Question is : Do we need ti fill these many information on this page.


  86. miles


    how can I install JAVA add-ins to the trail version. The only add-ins that appear are web,ActiveX,Visual Basic and Web

  87. Sapna

    Hi Ankur,

    I was able to download iso file and install it. But the QTPro.exe didnot get installed. When I clicked on it nothing happened.

    Can you please let me know what could be the reason.

    Thanks in advance,

  88. kirti

    hi ankur..
    cn u plz help me out to downoading qtp tool… i m a fresher n hv a lots of confuzn in real-tym n where i ve to write test case or test script.. how i ll execute it?? plz help me out in dis regards..


  89. Priya


    my qtp 11 trial version is going to expire, can somebody help me in extending the trial version time period?

    • Assuming your evaluation is successful then it is now time to purchase the software. Please note the license for evaluation is good for only that, not for training purposes or production use. HP has available a training license for purchase which is not licensed for production.

  90. Sirisha

    Hi Ankur,
    Should we pay amount for the downloads.

  91. tester

    hi Ankur,

    I have tried to install QTP 11 as shown above. But its throwing some error “file qt_exec.cfg not found” at the end of the installation.

  92. VK

    Hi, I am not getting the links of the files. Instead, on the download page, I get the message- ‘Sorry, there are no items to download at this time’.

    Please help!!

  93. venkat

    am using QTP 10.0 with windows 7 OS but not able to record actions done by QTP , pls suggest me what are the pre requisities before record a test

  94. venkat

    Hi guys there is one location where u can get QTP 10.0 version

  95. Sireesha

    When I try to identify objects using QTP11.0 its not identifying. Can anyone help me

  96. Akshata

    Hi Ankur,

    The QTP 11 trial ver. is taking too much time to download. It is showing 1day remaining, 55 hrs remaining, etc,. i started from morning 12.30 but still showing 9%…. hope it wont take 1day… any other option to download…?

    • Ankur

      @Akshata – I don’t think there is any other download location provided by HP. Since the file is huge I would suggest you to initiate the download on fast net connection with a download manager like “Download Them All” plugin for Firefox.

  97. Is QTP 11 compatible with Window 7???

    • Ankur

      @Bhupesh – Yes. Even QTP 10 is compatible with Win 7.

      • Soni

        HI Ankur,

        How do we write test scripts in qc?? we use first in excel and then we upload in qtp?

  98. Anuradha

    My ATP 11.0 trial version expiring. Is there any way I can extend or get an another trial version

  99. Srini

    Thank you very much Ankur. Telling about the licenses is helpful.

    This saved my time in finding the right things.

  100. priya

    Thanks ,QTP installed successfully but After recording script not display in expert view. please help

  101. pavani

    when trying to download qtp 11.0 version and when ran the setup file i.e install sheild got a pop message message as RMS License manager 8.3.0 msi is not found. what to do

  102. Aswin

    Hi Ankur,
    we do have a concurrent license server installed at Onsite. We were not able to access the same from offshore. Onshore claim they were always able to access. An Idea what could be the reason? Please hemp in this regard.

  103. Samita

    I followed your steps for installing, but while recording “Flight Reservation” I am only getting the script recorded for first step only i.e. “Open login window”.

    Please Help.

  104. Naveen

    Hi Ankur,

    I got a little confusion. I’m not able to find the difference between Functional Testing 11.0 and QTP Essentials 11.0. Can you please let me know the difference?

    Thanks in advance :)

  105. pavithra

    i followed your steps but it is showing licence error please help me out.

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